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Everyone has his or her own style of working. For example, some people like to use menus and others do not. An example of a tool that does not have a toolbar equivalent is View Modify Section View, which is used to change the active section view s settings. The most frequently used menu items are in the View, Insert, and Tools menus. All of the menus shown in this section have all of the possible selections turned on. As a result, the View menu in Figure 2.37 may contain options that are not available on your computer. Customizing menus is covered later in this chapter. The View menu is used primarily for turning on or off the visibility of entity types such as planes, sketches, or temporary axes. You can also do this by using hotkeys or by putting extra items on the View toolbar.
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Vagc = 1.2V Vd1 = 0.924 V VgS,3 = 0.276 V
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1. Create a sketch with an open or closed loop; even a mixture of open and closed profiles will work. If it is open, then the endpoints have to either be on an exterior edge or hanging off into space; they cannot actually be inside the boundaries of the solid. 2. Initiate the Split feature from the Features toolbar or from the menus by choosing Insert Features Split. You can do this with the sketch active, with the sketch inactive but selected, or with nothing selected at all. 3. Click the Cut Part button. This does not actually cut anything; it only previews the split. When this is done, the resulting bodies appear in the window below and callout flags are placed on the part in the graphics window. These flags are often useless because they tend to point to the borders between two different bodies in such a way that it is completely ambiguous as to which body they are indicating. However, in the example shown in Figure 26.18, the result is very clear.
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Icrit (Icit =-0.42 mA/ILm
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Note 1: Zm is the original impedance to be matched. Note 2: In the title of circuit topology, first part marked with subscript 1 is connected to original impedance to be matched and second part marked with subscript 2 is connected to reference impedance, 50 . Note 3: Subscript P stands for in parallel and subscript S stands for in series.
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This is a tool specifically for people who are coming to SolidWorks from AutoCAD. As the name suggests, it adds a command line to the bottom of the SolidWorks window, that works like the AutoCAD command line in most respects. The available commands are somewhat limited compared to those that are available in AutoCAD. This tool only functions in the 2D sketch mode, on a drawing sheet, or in a drawing view; it does not work in a 3D sketch. The 2D Command Line Emulator is shown in Figure 2.47.
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24. Drag the Back view onto the drawing. Notice that when you use this technique, the views do not resize automatically, regardless of the setting at Tools Options Drawings Automatically Scale New Drawing Views. 25. Delete any view that you have created using this method. Open Windows Explorer, browse to the assembly, and drag it into the drawing. The views that you create using this method are equivalent to the Standard 3 View tool. This time, the views auto-size. 26. Select the Front view and change it to the Back view. Notice that the rest of the views change to reflect the new parent view. You will get a warning about this change. 27. Zoom in on the Back view. Change the view to show Tangent Edges With Font through View Display. You can also change this from the view RMB menu. 28. Click the Alternate Position View toolbar button. Type a name in the PropertyManager for a new configuration and click the green check mark icon. SolidWorks opens the assembly model window. 29. Rotate the handle 90 degrees and click the green check mark icon. SolidWorks returns to the drawing and shows the new position in a dashed font, as shown in Figure 21.38.
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If you use the Insert Bend tool on a part, you can still use the more advanced tools available through the Base Flange method, unless it is a cylindrical or conical part. A Flat Pattern feature is added to the bottom of most feature trees, and the presence of this feature is what signifies that the current part has now become a sheet metal part to the Base Flange features. However, it is recommended that you avoid mixing the different techniques to flatten parts; for example, suppressing bends under Flatten and Process Bends, as well as using the Flat Pattern.
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Figure 22.16 Improved connectivity through use of cooperative clusters: collaborative beamforming of the cluster in the center increases the possible range. A denotes the required range of radio coverage to achieve connectivity with high probability; is the path loss exponent.
FCA withPC LOLIA ( ~ 7 with )PC FCA wlo PC LOLIA (n=7) W/O PC 2 element BF _ _ _ 4 element BF BF 8 element
As a matter of fact, the difference of the emitter area is equivalent to the difference of the different individual input voltages vin + vj. The rst differential pair, marked Stage 1 in Figure 2.31, results in the gm1 curve in Figure 2.32, which is shifted to the left-hand or negative direction of the input voltage vin from the case when vj = 0. The second differential pair, marked Stage 2 in Figure 2.31, results in the gm2 curve in Figure 2.32, which is shifted to the right-hand or positive direction of the input voltage vin from the case when vj = 0. The sum of gm is therefore kept constant over a wider range of input voltages.
Managing disks and the data that they house is one of the primary responsibilities of system administrators. After all, nothing is as fundamental to a computer system as the data and processes that make up the computing environment. In this section, we look at file system and the disks on which they are built and offer some insights on how to work with yours.
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