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8: Home Page Makeovers
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2.5 Different Syntactic Forms
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One thing you ll notice that s a little different in the adCenter campaign creation process is the ability to target even your first ad to specific times or days of the week. Other PPC providers may have this service, but Microsoft s adCenter is the only one that allows you to set up a schedule when you create the first campaign. As you may remember from the section on dayparting in 9, this strategy can help you better target your ads to the time periods when your click-throughs and conversions are likely to be the highest. The importing capability is also unique to adCenter. Using this capability, you can import PPC ads that you ve created in Excel or another spreadsheet program. If the ads were not created in Excel, you should save the file as a .csv file for importing.
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Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers
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2 Click the Code button on the Document toolbar.
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Source: Underwriters Laboratories.
Most ISPs implement an idle-disconnect period, causing a connection to be dropped when no activity is detected for a speci ed amount of time. In most cases, the idle-disconnect works well, but some ISPs don t implement it and others that are con gured for idle-disconnect seem to work sporadically. If you re paying for your connection by the hour, idle-disconnect can save you a lot of money if you forget to disconnect or want the system to disconnect after a long, unattended download. You ll nd the option Idle time before hanging up on the Options property page for the connection. If your ISP doesn t use idle-disconnect or you want to ensure that your connection disconnects even when the ISP doesn t drop you, select the idle time that can occur before your system automatically ends the connection. The other side of the disconnect issue is the fact that you might want your system to stay connected past the ISP s idle-disconnect period. For example, you might be performing a long, unattended download, but the remote server occasionally is idle for too long and the ISP drops your connection. In this situation, you can download and use one of the many connection utilities that maintains minimal traf c on your connection to ensure that it won t be dropped. You ll nd several such utilities at Alternatively, simply open your e-mail client and con gure it to check your e-mail every few minutes. The traf c going to the mail server will be suf cient to keep your connection alive.
Simpli ed simulation model of baseband OFDM transceiver.
Part VIII: Appendixes
Figure 6.1.16 Measured (dots) and simulated (solid lines) XRF spectra obtained by the X-ray tube based set-up for typical wood (a) and coal (b) y-ash particles. Reprinted with permission from Vincze et al. (2002b). Copyright 2002 American Chemical Society
Administrative Domains An administrative domain is a collection of resources arranged hierarchically. For example, a domain might be your entire company and, within it, your divisions or departments, and within that, groups and resources. An administrative domain can be very small, containing only a handful of devices to be managed, or it can contain information pertaining to systems across an entire corporate or educational campus. Administrative domains should be created such that they mimic and support your business needs. For example, if different groups of people manage different sets of resources, it makes sense to break these resources into separate domains. Modules Modules are software components that implement MIBs (discussed earlier in this chapter). Each agent may be associated with multiple modules. Each module monitors some type of resource and notifies system administrators (via their consoles) when errors occur or performance is poor. An example of a module is the Kernel Reader, which informs you when kernel resources are being depleted. Alarms and Rules Systems can be monitored using alarms of severities to more accurately reflect the nature of a problem that is detected. For example, with respect to monitoring disk space, you may issue one alarm when disk usage exceeds 90 percent of capacity, a different alarm when it exceeds 95 percent, and another alarm when it exceeds 98 percent. Though the software arrives with alarm defaults, you can modify these to your liking. Simple rules, like those that define when disk space alarms are to be set off, can be modified by users, while complex alarms involving multiple conditions cannot. Autonomous Agents Each agent works independently (or autonomously) to collect the data that it is programmed to monitor. This data is sampled on an ongoing basis. These agents can then be polled at any time through SNMP get requests. In response, they return the most current data. Agents also know to check the values of data they are monitoring against thresholds that have been set for these resources. If the values meet or exceed a threshold, the agent performs the action associated with the particular alarm. Asynchronous messages sent to the server are called traps. The server then updates information provided to the various consoles. Main Console Window The Main Console Window allows you to simultaneously monitor multiple administrative domains.
convolution; (d) two-dimensional symmetric reflection.
The MTP-users represented by SI 0000 and 0001 have not been mentioned before and are described in Section 8.9. Subservice Field (SSF). Two SSF codes have been de ned by ITU-T: SSF 0000 0010 International network National network
Regardless of what Windows Media Player first suggests, you can switch between automatic and manual sync at any time. To do so: 1. Click the Sync split button, select your device, and then click Set Up Sync. 2. Check or uncheck the Sync this device automatically check box, as appropriate.
Index-Level Locking Restrictions
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