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The Today property returns or sets a date value containing the current date according to your system. Console.WriteLine(Today) ' Returns 9/7/2001 12:00:00 AM
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Part IV: Creating Content
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Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
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(Screw-connections with main body)
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To list the database DDL triggers using code, query the systriggers and sysevents catalog views. Server triggers are found at sysserver_triggers and sysserver_trigger_events.
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The visited RADIUS server relays authentication information to the home RADIUS server, which can either perform the user's authentication or relay the information to the corporate RADIUS server. If authentication is successful, the visited access server assigns an IP address to the user so that he can become part of the visited network. Interactions between the RADIUS servers can be protected using IPSec or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Figure 5.1 summarizes the steps involved: User logs on to the Web using a username and password (username follows a standardized format). User is authenticated by RADIUS servers located at participating HSOs (some HSOs employ secondary authentication methods such as HTTPS). User is given access to corporate intranets or the Internet with billing handled by the HSO. Components of Wi-Fi Hotspot Chain create barcode code128
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To download and play with these sample databases and several sample queries that explore the variations of the adjacency list pattern, go to
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threshold T,,, from -20 dB to -24 dB actually increased the new call blocking probability. This was attributed to the fact that the lower threshold precipitated a higher level of cochannel interference, since there was a higher mean number of base stations in the ABS, as evidenced by Figure 5.25. Therefore, since the mean level of interference present in the network is higher, when using a lower threshold, and the threshold determines the value of the pilot to downlink interference ratio at which base stations may be added to the ABS, a more frequent blocking of calls occurs. Alternatively, a lower threshold resulted in a higher level of downlink interference due to the additional interferenceinflicted by supporting the mobiles in soft handover, which prevented base stations from being included in the ABSdue to insufficient pilot to interference head-room . This then ultimately led to blocked calls due to the lack of base stations in the ABS. Again, the mean number of base stations in the ABS is given in Figure 5.25, which illustrates that as expected, reducing the soft handover thresholds increased the proportion of time spent in soft handover, and thus reduced the mean number of base stations in the ABS. The average size of the ABS was found to decrease, as thenetwork s traffic load increased. This was a consequence of the increased interference levels associated withthe higher traffic loads, which therefore effectively reduced the pilot to interference ratio at given point, and a hence base stations were less likely to be in soft handover and in the ABS. Figure 5.26 depicts the mean transmission powers for both the uplink and the downlink, for a range of different soft handover thresholds. These results show similar trends to the results presented in previous sections, with required average downlink transmission power the increasing, sincea greater proportion of call time is spent in soft handover. Again, the mean uplink transmission power varied only slightly, since the selection diversity technique of the base stations only marginally affected the received interference power at the base stations.
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exclusion zone sizewhen the uafficload is low, which is reversed for high traffic loads. This is mainly attributable to the higher call blocking probability of the larger exclusion zone of 19 cells, particularly in theregion of the highest traffic loads. The GOS for theFCA scheme follows the probability of a blocked call and the dropping probability trends by increasing smoothly and monotonically with the traffic load. The effect of beamforming on the number of handovers performed can be seen in Figure 4.30. The performance of the LOLIAs was barely altered by the use of beamforming, with both performing the lowest number of handovers per call. At the highest teletraffic loads it can be seen that the LOLIAusing an exclusion zone of 7 base stations benefited slightly from the use of the adaptive antenna arrays. In contrast, the number of handovers performed by the FCA algorithm was reduced significantly as a benefit of using adaptive antennas with a maximum reduction in the mean number of handovers performed per call of 69% for two elements, and of 86% for fourelements. This translates into a significantly reduced load for the network, since it has to manage far less handovers, therefore reducing the complexity of the network infrastructure. As the network load exceeded about 12 Erlangs/km2NHz, the mean number of handovers performed per call dropped due to the excessive call dropping probability, since calls were being dropped before they could handover, thus reducing the number of handovers. Figure 4.3 1 portrays the mean carried teletraffic versus the numberof mobiles in the simulated system. The figure shows that at low traffic loads both FCA and the LOLIA carry virtually identical amounts of traffic. However, as the mobile density, and hence the traffic
If Bluetooth is sending one-slot packets LBS = 625 s. Therefore, n= 4 ms 625 s =6
Many Microsoft products integrate very tightly with Active Directory. Installing and con guring these products is quite a long process and would merit an entire book of its own. In the following sections, however, we describe a few of the products and what you stand to gain by using them within an Active Directory domain.
Client-Side Development
Exploring the Windows Security Center
13: Software Installs and Updates
5: File Management
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