Sesame: A Generic Architecture for Storing and Querying RDF and RDF Schema in .NET

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FigurE 1-17: A small options icon appears when you mouse over individual updates.
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Window Placement
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All of these properties allow you to find anything out about the culture of the system your application is running on. In the following code, you can see the output of creating a new culture instance (Spanish) and retrieving some of the properties about the culture: Dim ci As New CultureInfo("es-ES") With ci ' Delcare a string array to hold the days ' of the week and and short counter Dim str As String(), intX As Short Console.WriteLine(.Calendar) ' Fill the array with the days of the week str = (.DateTimeFormat.DayNames) For intX = 0 To str.Length - 1 Console.WriteLine("Day " & intX.ToString _ & " = " & str(intX)) Next WriteLine("Display Name = " & .DisplayName) WriteLine("English Name = " & .EnglishName) WriteLine("LCID = " & .LCID) WriteLine("Name = " & .Name) WriteLine("Native Name = " & .NativeName) WriteLine("Currency Symbol = " _ & .NumberFormat.CurrencySymbol) WriteLine(.OptionalCalendars.Length)
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And that s about it. PowerPoint Mobile is significantly lacking even when compared to the version that shipped earlier for Windows Mobile. That app offered support for editing and adding different transitions and animations, presentation playback options, and more. It also provided a way to use your smart phone as a smart presentation device, working in concert and wirelessly with a PC-based presentation. Maybe Windows Phone users will be so blessed in a future update.
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Fig. 8.13 By inspection of Fig. 8.13, the number of rectangles with at least one edge along the two bottom edges of the outer square is the total number in the complete square, less the number in the inner (3 x 3) square: so the total is T~ - T~ - l ' which we know from page 46 is just n 3 Well, well! It appears that the three-dimensional quality of the original figure is probably itself an illusion. So is the simplicity of n 3 The puzzle seems to be really about triangular numbers. Or is it This is certainly one way of looking at the original puzzle, but we cannot eliminate the possibility that there is another way of looking at it which will reveal a direct connection with the division of a large cube into unit cubes.
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TFTs, other issues must also be satisfactorily addressed. The gate dielectric (see Figure 1.9), for example, must be deposited via a method that results in no pinholes and ensures the integrity of the dielectric layer between gate and channel. Ideally, the deposition process will also be able to provide a thin dielectric lm so that the gate voltage that must be applied to start current ow is not too high for practical circuits. In addition, the deposited dielectric must have very little trapped charge or other defects, especially near the semiconductor interface. Such defects are another source of degraded mobility, as they also impede the smooth ow of charge carriers across the channel. Besides the dielectric and semiconductor components, other device features can also have signi cant impact. For example, low-resistance, ohmic contacts are also essential to minimize the effects of parasitics on device performance.29 The capability to fabricate an individual high-quality thin- lm transistor with attributes as described above is certainly important. However, from a circuit perspective, high device yield and uniformity also must be achieved. Furthermore, the device characteristics must remain reasonably constant and metal interconnects must provide both low resistance and durable, rugged performance when the substrate is exed.30 33 Promising technology capable of yielding resistivity comparable with bulk metals, but rugged enough for thin, exible substrates has been achieved using directed self-assembly34 and thermal spray deposition.35,36 Both methods provide a means for room temperature deposition of a variety of metals and insulators for fabrication of passive electronic components. The directed self-assembly technique is adapted from the well-known laboratory technique, but it has been scaled to process large glass plates and fabrics. Thermal spray is somewhat similar to a variety of vacuum deposition techniques except that it operates in an ambient atmosphere and the vaporized material can be shaped to provide a beam size of about 100 m. In summary then, current macroelectronic device technology results in devices with mobility of <10 cm2/V-s and channel lengths of >10 m. Research is being aggressively pursued to improve both of these key metrics signi cantly. However, it needs to be understood that unless low-cost methods are developed to provide micrometer-sized channel length devices and semiconductor materials with mobility more than 100 cm2/V-s, macroelectronic transistors will suffer a signi cant performance penalty and limitations on the applications that can be addressed. System designers will need to deal with this issue to increase overall functionality without the bene t of the best device performance. 1.3.2 Next-Generation TFTs If amorphous Si TFTs and OFETs are adequate only for lower performance, lower cost applications, what are the options for more advanced applications To achieve the higher performance that is desired while keeping process technology consistent with the goals of macroelectronics, several different fabrica-
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Part VI
20-MHz and 40-MHz subcarriers.
There is a splitter bar at the top of the FeatureManager that enables you to split the FeatureManager window into two windows, enabling you to display the FeatureManager and another window, such as the PropertyManager (see Figure 2.24). Small arrows in the middle of the right separator can collapse the FeatureManager to increase screen space. The F9 key also collapses or opens the FeatureManager (refer to Figure 2.23.)
Solaris Live Upgrade Packages SOLARIS 7 SUNWadmap SUNWadmc SUNWlibc SOLARIS 8 SUNWadmap SUNWadmc SUNWlibc SUNWbzip
Follow these steps to create a data set to return product information: 1. Select the Data tab in the Report Designer (see Figure 46-4). 2. Select the Dataset drop-down list and click <New Data Set...>. 3. Name the data set Products. 4. Select the AdventureWorks data source. 5. Select OK. Note that while you can write the SQL query in this dialog window, it is easier to use the familiar Query Designer to write SQL on the Data tab in the Report Designer.
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