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For example, a 5-kW transmitter has a field strength intensity at 5 km from a victim system of 0.2 V/m. However, the directivity of the antenna, type of terrain, weather, and other environmental factors can affect this value. If the immunity level of a system is 3 V/m, this broadcast tower should not cause functional disruption as the magnitude of the propagated electromagnetic field is well below the threshold level of 3 V/m. The possible level of radiated interference from adjacent equipment located in the same room or nearby is considerably less than that from intentional transmitters, since such equipment is limited in its RF emission profile to levels considerably below that which would be present to cause a realistic threat. A level of 36 dB V/m at 30 m equates to approximately 66 dB V/m at 1 m ignoring near-field effects. This is less than 0.5 V/m at this 1-m distance. Any induction effects that did exist would be limited by the enclosure material falling off rapidly (inversely with the cube of the separation distance). Cables that penetrate the equipment enclosure can also act as antennas. Cable-tocable coupling may be minimized by layout and separation. Upper frequency coupling (above 80 MHz) is well simulated by radiated electromagnetic field testing on the system, including enclosures and cables. Optimum coupling into machine cables with a typical length of 1 3 m will be from the mid to the very high frequency (VHF) range up to the ultra high frequency (UHF) range. An inexpensive and qualitative method for testing coupling into cables is to make use of a signal generator and a 5 10 W amplifier to directly couple this noise into a 1 3 meter length wire secured (by tape or other means) to a cable(s). If the immunity problem is located in the frequency band allocated for amateur radio, an amateur radio transmitter with a dummy load can be used as the noise source. This radiated immunity issue can now be reduced to a benchtop test. This test can also be performed using an ESD simulator (as the noise source) discharging into the tapesecured test wire. This method produces a greater broadband source of noise rather than a specific or well-defined frequency. Modulation. When performing radiated immunity testing, there are two types of signals commonly used CW and AM. An unmodulated signal is a pure CW tone. A modulated signal commonly specified by test standards is a 1kHz sine wave with 80% modulation. An example of this waveform is shown in Figure 7.6. A modulated RF signal is often a more severe test than an unmodulated signal for certain types of circuits and components. This is most noticeable on display terminals. In addition, peak modulation voltage level is greater than a pure CW tone. For European compliance purposes (CE mark), transmitters (walkie-talkies) may be used for in situ testing instead of performing the radiated immunity test within an anechoic chamber for certain industrial products or systems that cannot be moved to a shielded enclosure. Many industrial products cost millions of dollars and can weigh several thousand pounds. It is potentially not probable to perform a radiated sweep across the frequency spectrum in a commercial or industrial environment without causing harm to communication systems. In order to be permitted to per-
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10: Wireframe Basics
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------------- I SENSE: AMPLIFIER
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Aero also changes the way you view things. The default font is Segoe UI, one of six new fonts introduced in Windows Vista. For readability purposes, Microsoft has increase the default font from 8 pt to 9 pt. Of course, you can change the default font and size using the Control Panel.
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Figure A.6
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Part VII: Working with Specialized Functionality code 39 barcode
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Change a Slide Layout
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Inside the quotation marks, add text or HTML code to display the content for each screen of your splash introduction. For the book example, enter the img element code as shown in the figure to the right. Add or remove splashmessage array items based on the number of screens you want to include in your splash introduction. If your real home page is named index2. html, then skip Step 14. Otherwise, continue on.
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The best commonsense means of comparing FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA is to use the cocktail party analogy, which has been used by acoustical engineers for many years. This is an international cocktail party with a great number of people all wanting to talk at the same time. The cocktail party is being held in a large ballroom (frequency band). In an FDMA environment, each conversation takes place in its own space (channel). Therefore, the ballroom must be subdivided into smaller rooms (cells) of suitable size (bandwidth) and then subdivided into smaller cubicles (channels) so there is no interference between the pairs of people engaged in each conversation. At any given time during the conversation, each pair occupies a separate room. The pairs can move from room to room (cell to cell) as they make their way from the entrance to the buffet, although they must interrupt their conversations when they leave one room and must enter another empty room before resuming conversation (hard handoff, or break and make). The number of simultaneous conversations that can be supported depends on the number of rooms of suitable size that can be derived from the space available in the ballroom. The speakers also must control their volume and frequency levels in consideration of the thickness of the walls (guard bands, or frequency separations) so they do not interfere with others.
SolidWorks drawings and models offer some options for displaying tangent edges. Many users find it distracting when tangent edges (which in a physical part are not edges at all) are given as much visible weight as the sharp edges of, say, a chamfer. These settings are found at View Display, as shown in Figure 21.26. The Tangent Edges Removed option may be appropriate for parts with few fillets, but it causes a part to look oversimplified and makes details of the shape difficult to distinguish.
1: Installing Windows Vista
example, in Windows, you can run the System Information utility: Use the Search or Find command to locate either MSINFO.EXE or MSINFO32.EXE, and then double-click it.
To add a Running Total column to the report that does not reset by product, use this expression:
FIGURE 24.24
Transaction Message Type Tag and Length Origination Transaction ID Destination Transaction ID P-Abort cause Dialog Dialog Portion Tag and Length Dialog PDU
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