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Part IV
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created an aerosol that was swept into the reactor by an Ar carrier gas at a ow rate of 4 l/min (or SLPM). The reactor is a two-zone furnace consisting of a warm precursor evaporation zone and a hot deposition zone. The aerosol is converted to precursor vapor and mixes uniformly through the reactor gas in the evaporation zone. A solid graphite susceptor coated with SiC was placed in the deposition zone. The second reactor is a vertical atmospheric pressure, cold-wall reactor (reactor B, Fig. 6.11b) with a commercial ultrasonic nozzle (Sono-Tek 120 kHz). The third reactor (not shown) is a horizontal, lowpressure, hot-wall tool, which is similar in design to reactor A but with a pulsed aerosol injection system using a commercial automotive fuel-injector (Ford 2M2EA7B). Even though all three reactors share the same precursor delivery system, each tool offers speci c advantages. For example, a cold-wall reactor (reactor B) helps prevent decomposition of the precursor before it reaches the substrate. A pulsed aerosol injection system at low pressure (reactor C) allows the lm to grow under better-de ned conditions than in a continuous process (reactor A) because of the minimization of undesirable transient effects caused by the high volatility of the solvents used.46 A more detailed description of each of the conditions for lm growth, including reactor type, precursor type, delivery method, deposition temperature, growth time, and other parameters are summarized in Table 6.2. Depositions were done on bare and Mo-coated
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This chapter deals with how one should approach the process of troubleshooting for EMC, both radiated fields and conducted currents. The only way to know if a system has excessive emissions or is susceptible to an external RF event is by testing. There are numerous tests possible. Only an overview of popular types of tests is provided in this chapter. At the time of writing, there are more than 30 different immunity tests with standards written, in addition to numerous configurations and specification limits for radiated and conducted emissions. Determining the appropriate test standard required for the product and how to perform the test in a manner that is repeatable can become a formidable task. Electromagnetic compatibility measurements are not exempt from problems during testing. Regardless of how testing is performed developmental, formal, field, or in situ it typically takes a few hours to days to perform a series of EMC tests. If a problem is observed, finding and fixing the problem can take weeks. What is frustrating to engineers is eventually learning that the problem observed is due to test setup, environment, or operator error and that the EUT is actually compliant. A key aspect of regulatory compliance lies in repeatability of measured data and continued conformity of a product throughout its life cycle. In Europe, should a problem develop after certification and the product has been placed into service, the end user or one s competitor has the legal right to have any system or operational unit retested to ensure conformity exist. A methodical approach needs to be taken so as to not overlook anything. Asking questions can provide valuable information. Some questions to ask are as follows:
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