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If you prefer to view the Start menu as it appears in previous editions of Windows, you can. Here s how:
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Data link connection identi er (DLCI), 346, 503f, 504, 514 Data link control (DLC), 283 Data Link Layer, 289 Data Over Cable Service Interface Speci cation (DOCSIS), 447 451, 637 Data Private Facility (DPF), 682 Data service unit (DSU), see Digital service unit Data terminal equipment (DTE), 210, 249 250, 338, 524 Datagram, 242, 328 330, 329f, 650 DataPhone, 247, 253, 297 Dataphone Digital Service (DDS), 298 300, 299f D-channel, see Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) DCS 1800, 577 Decibel, 71 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (DARPANET), 629, 630 Defense Data Network (DDN), 287, 323 Delay skew, 49f, 84 Delay spread, 400, 406 Delta channel, see Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Demand-assigned multiple access (DAMA), 74, 557 Demarcation point (demarc), 210 211, 214, 222 Demod/remod, see Fax Relay Deterministic access, 369 371f Dialed number identi cation service (DNIS), 116, 131, 174, 235 Dial up, 635 636 Diamond State Telephone, 708 Dielectric, 48, 57, 94 Differential phase shift keying (DPSK), see Modulation Differential pulse code modulation (DPCM), see Modulation Differential quaternary phase shift keying (DQPSK), see Compression Differentiated Services (DiffServ,) 623, 662 663 Diffused propagation, 362 Digital, 15 16, 16f, 17 18 Digital access cross-connect system (DACS, DCCS), 317, 482 Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System (D-AMPS), 559, 576 577, 586 Digital control channel (DCCH), 577 Digital cross-connect system (DCCS, DXC), 480, 482 483 Digital Data Service (DDS), 298 300 Digital European Cordless Telecommunications (DECT), 559, 572 Digital loop carrier (DLC), 220, 319f 320, 429 430 next-generation (ngDLC), 430, 435F Digital service unit (DSU), 266, 315
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Probe at node P Vdd
Base station trunk group (BSTG), cellular mobile networks, 328 Basic access lines Digital Subscriber Signaling System No. 1 (DSS1), 233 ISDN signaling, GR-303 standard, 137 139 Basic calls H.323 standard, 678 680 Intelligent Network Application Part (INAP), 557 558 global functional plane, 558 560 Basic call unrelated process (BCUP), Intelligent Network Application Part (INAP), 563 Basic encoding rules (BER), Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP), 505 Basic tone signals, 64 67 busy-tone, 65 congestion tone, 66 dial-tone, 64 65 in failed setups, 66 67 formats, 64 B-channels, Digital Subscriber Signaling System No. 1 (DSS1) and, 233 call reference value assignment and release, 262 263 Bearer and media control (BMC) interface, Bearer Independent Call-Control Protocols, 710 Bearer capability Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN 0.1) parameter, 536 Q.931 ISDN information element, 252 254, 265 Bearer-control signaling protocol (BCP), Bearer Independent Call-Control Protocols, 709 710 Bearer Control Tunneling Protocol (BCTP), Bearer Independent Call-Control Protocol, 714 Bearer Independent Call-Control Protocols (BICCP), 707 716 Bearer-Control Signaling Protocols, 713 714 Call-Control Signaling Protocol, 711 712 call setup, 714 716 overview, 707 709 protocol suite, 710 serving nodes, 709 710 Bearer interworking function (BIWF), Bearer Independent Call-Control Protocols, 709 710 Bearer services access networks, V5.2 standard, 148 153 circuit multiplication equipment, 31 34 analog circuits, 32 33
following standard conventions. Following conventions is a time saver in the long run. Should someone else at some point try to recover data from one of the disks that you set up using another system, they will be more confident working with a disk that is laid out in a familiar way. At the same time, we see an increasingly large population of system administrators who prefer using a single large partition for everything. The advantage is that they are likely to never run out of space in one file system while space is wasted in another. The danger is that the root file system will fill up and the system become unusable. Should you want to employ the new single-partition convention, we suggest that you consider isolating any file system that might be susceptible to extremely large log files. We have seen, for example, application log files that have grown larger than 2 GB without anyone noticing until the no room left on device messages appeared. If you have applications that may create large log files such as this, we suggest using a separate partition (probably /opt or /var) so that the damage is contained. The standard layout for Solaris partitions is shown in Table 1.5. Physically, disks are composed of platters and heads that hover over the spinning platters in order to read and write. Accessing any particular file, therefore, depends on how much one of these heads has to move and how much disk I/O is backed up. Access time is composed of several things: how fast the disk is spinning, how far the head moves on average, and so on.
Given that this is the second edition of this book, I thought it would be useful to run these tests again on the new versions of the software and with my original hardware. The results of the test redo are very interesting. Most of the feature rebuild times are longer, in the range of twice to three times as long. The Verification On Rebuild results are the exception. These results are faster by about 20 percent. This compares rebuild times from the 2007 (Service Pack 2) and 2009 (alpha) releases, and both tests were done without RealView.
At the bottom right of the Start Menu is a trio of icons that you can use to power down the computer, hibernate it, switch user accounts, and otherwise end your session. On the left is a circle with a vertical line through it; click this circle to put the computer to sleep. It ll go into a low power state but recover much more quickly when you go to use it again than it would take to boot up from a complete power down. The button with the picture of the padlock locks your session; you ll be required to enter your password to get back into your account after you lock it.
Figure 4.3.4 shows 2 ( )F ( ) of Sn. A phonon with energy 2 breaks a Cooper pair and thus excites two quasiparticles. A quasiparticle with energy E 3 can emit a phonon with energy 2 . Repetition of the phonon emission by quasiparticles and excitation of quasiparticles by phonons increases the number of quasiparticles and phonons, leading to a small value.
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The Deviation setting measures how far from the real shape the displayed shape is. By making a curved edge into a series of straight lines, the number shown represents the maximum distance from the line to the curve. As the quality gets higher, the deviation gets lower.
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