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For more detailed information on depth of eld and aperture, see 3.
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where and g are the surface tension and acceleration caused by gravity, respectively. Common defects that are observed in this coating technique are voids, pin holes, thickness variations, and wavy surfaces. Voids and pinholes are caused by air entrapment in the lm, surface contamination, or dust particles. 2.5.4 Spray Coating
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In previous releases, the Excel-based BOM was the only way to add a BOM to a drawing. This feature has been replaced in most respects by the table-driven BOM, but many people still use the Excel-based BOM either out of habit or to comply with legacy standards. Figure 24.9 shows the interface for the Excel-based BOM.
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unrestricted access to the databases.) This is by far the cheapest method (software cost), and you can force closure of services and les prior to backup with several batch les and scripts. If you have the budget, buy the backup agents for products like SQL Server and Exchange that enable you to back up open les while these systems are still running. The second solution is to install an open- les utility that provides the backup software with a window to the data in the open les. The advantage of this solution is that your backup software has access to open les across the board. One such product is the Open File Manager (OFM) from St. Bernard software ( You can install this tool on your systems and never worry about open les not getting backed up. So important to backup and recovery is this utility that it is worth a special mention here. Thoroughly test it on your systems before going live. As important as it is, the product tinkers with les deep in the abyss of the le system, as does anti-virus software. OFM and NetShield from Network Associates have been known to collide, so test your implementation before going into production. The third and most expensive solution is an agent or API that works with the backup software you are using. Products such as Backup Exec and ARCserve provide their own technologies that enable the Microsoft Server products to be backed up while they are online and in use. Notice that, in this short list, we list the solutions in order of cheapest to most expensive, but that expense is only in terms of what buying the solution costs. In other words, if you think that you are saving money going for the option to shut down services, think again. This could be your most expensive solution. For example, just as you think you re being clever and shutting down services by using the nifty little batch les and scripts that we are about to create, the batch le breaks. For some reason, the service does not shut down, and the next day, your system crashes and you don t have a backup. The open- les agents are not airtight technology. We run nightly backups of several huge SQL Server databases, Oracle, Lotus Notes, and more. Often, we notice that the open- les agent stopped for some reason, and the backup of critical data did not go through. You must watch the services like a cat sitting between a mouse and a hole in the wall. The fact that Microsoft provides some limited open- le support for Exchange is worth mentioning here. Whenever you install Exchange, the installation updates the NT Backup utility to enable it to back up Exchange s directory and information store.
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Figure 6.20 Oscillator can be equivalent to two portions: energy generator and energy consumer.
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now lead easily to the following explicit formulas (we skip the step-by-step derivation, just stating the final results and then checking them). Put
TABLE 12.8 Transition frequency, general expression of input and output impedance CE
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802.16 speci cations include several multiplexing options. Time Division Duplex (TDD) supports Half-DupleX (HDX) communications and Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) supports both HDX and FDX. Although 802.16 standards address the range 2 11 GHz, spectrum allocations are not completely harmonized throughout the world. WiMAX emphasis in the United
Vista is much more discrete in terms of updating your system. Previously, the download and install screen often took control of your desktop and you had to wait until it was finished. In Vista, downloads and
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The Principles of Design
the /etc/system file to ensure that the shared memory feature of Solaris is well suited to Oracle. These lines will look, more or less, like this:
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