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The Treat Corners As Zero Thickness option should always be on. I have never seen a situation where turning it off improved the results; in fact, I have found that turning it off has always made corners and fillets behave worse. image barcode read
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Using Advanced Techniques
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FIGURE 27.29 The finished model
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As 51, Managing Transactions, Locking, and Blocking, will discuss in greater detail, every DML command implicitly occurs within a transaction, even if no transaction begin command exists. The after trigger takes place after the write but before the implicit commit, so the transaction is still open when the after trigger is fired. Therefore, a transaction rollback command in the trigger will roll back the command that fired the trigger. This code sample creates the AfterDemo after trigger on the Guide table, which includes raiserror and rollback transaction commands:
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10: Form Makeovers
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Using the Start menu in Classic mode gives this tool a completely different look. For example, the two-column design disappears. You are instead presented with a single list of options. Individual icons are replaced with topical headings. If you want to locate a particular program, you must access it through the Programs menu by clicking the arrow to the right of this selection, as shown in Figure 2-23.
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Our recommendation is to use SSH, discussed later in this chapter and bundled with Solaris 9, as a replacement for Telnet, and preserve Telnet only if you have platforms for which client software is not available. ftp. If you work from home or need to share files with others, you may want to use FTP to exchange files. Even though this may fall into the category of being a necessary evil, and most people have this turned on, we need to warn you that the ftp daemon has been a continuing source of security holes. We know of no holes in the current program, but where there s been one bug, we often suspect there may be others. One way to get around this risk is to have a separate expendable FTP server. By exchanging files through a vanilla system that lacks sensitive or proprietary data and can be easily rebuilt from backups or installation media, you avert risks to your valuable servers. Better yet, because user passwords are easily sniffable (they are transmitted over the wire in clear text) with FTP just as with Telnet, we recommend disabling the service and using instead a secure file transfer mechanism that encrypts the entire session (such as Kerberized ftpd or SSH). If FTP access is a must, the service should be wrapped, as discussed in the Security through Wrappers section later in this chapter. finger. The use of finger is controversial. A lot of users like to have the finger daemon running so that other people can find out whether they re around. Because the finger command reads the user s profile as well as reporting on their recent login activity, other users can use the finger command to obtain this information. However, most security experts recommend against it. When someone wants to break into your system, one of the first things they need to do to determine its vulnerabilities is to find out about the machine and its users. Finger is a great way to do that. We d be inclined to recommend against running it. A bug in finger was one of the major holes exploited in the famous Internet worm released by Robert Morris, Jr. in 1988. That bug is fixed now, of course. But where there was one bug . . . We recommend disabling this service or using a more secure version, such as cfinger. Note that disabling the finger daemon disables use of the finger command from a remote system (i.e., disables finger as a service), not the finger command itself. Table 13.2 shows some common services that may be of concern, along with our recommendations. Many of these you will probably want to remove. It is not difficult, nor a particularly bad idea, to turn these services on briefly as needed and then turn them back off. For example, if you want to send an image to a remote system using tftp, you can start up the service, transfer the file, and then shut the service down. In fact, the simple scripts shown in Listings 13.1 and 13.2, which rely on Perl to effect the changes in the /etc/inetd.conf, do the trick quite nicely.
14.8.3 Convolutional Codes
76 Wi-Fi Hotspots
Part VII: Working with Specialized Functionality
Work with Masters Masters enable you to add content that you want to appear in a particular location on every (or almost every) slide. This saves you from having to add repetitive content, such as your company logo, to each slide. For example, you can set up the master so an identical footer appears on every slide.
Administrative GP settings, such as Folder Redirection and Software Installation, take place only during or after the computer starts up or after the user logs on, and not during the periodic refresh period described earlier in this section. Obviously, you would not want software to start removing itself while a user was still using it.
and then enforce the user must change password at next logon option for tighter security. E-mail instructions can help this process along as well (see Figure 18.30).
But these conditions are not sufficient for (w, u * ) to be representable, as the following counterexample shows.
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Linux distribution has to offer. After explaining the basics of the Ubuntu system, Part 1 continues with
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