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In a world where increasing numbers of employees spend significant amounts of time outside the office and disconnected from the Internet, using forms technologies that require a connection becomes unrealistic. InfoPath provides a practical solution for this intermittently connected scenario. When the user is connected to the server for example, before a business trip a form template can be downloaded. One or more blank forms can be saved locally from the form template. In a sales scenario, the salesperson can save a form for recording data for each customer visit without having to connect to the Internet while filling in the form. Later, when the salesperson has Internet or other network connectivity, the data on all the relevant forms can be submitted to the server.
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TABLE 2.3 Twisted-Pair (TP) Categories of Performance Category (Cat) of Performance Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5 Cat 5e Cat 6 Cat 7 Performance Rating (MHz) Unspeci ed, <1 1 16 20 100 100+ 250 600
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The noise bandwidth is de ned as the bandwidth of a system with a rectangular transfer function |Hrect (f )| (and identical peak amplitude max(|H (f )|) that receives as much noise as the system under consideration. The 3 dB bandwidth is the bandwidth at which |H (f )|2 has decreased to a value that is 3 dB below its maximum value. The 90% energy bandwidth is the bandwidth that contains 90% of total emitted energy; analogous de nitions are possible for the 99% energy bandwidth or other percentages of the contained energy. Bandwidth ef ciency is de ned as the ratio of the data (bit) rate to the occupied bandwidth. Power-Spectral Density of Cyclostationary Processes A cyclostationary process x(t) is de ned as a stochastic process whose mean and autocorrelation functions are periodic with period Tper : E{x(t + Tper )} = E{x(t)} Rxx (t + Tper + , t + Tper ) = Rxx (t + , t) (11.19)
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Dim trans As XslTransform = new XslTransform() trans.Load(Server.MapPath("customersSchema.xsl"))
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Part I
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Selecting Features
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216 Part II Creating Great Photos with the Sony Alpha A700
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Wi-Fi/Cellphone Network Integration
This de nition makes sense because an RX can often adapt equalizer timing to optimize performance.
C4 12 pF
Cluster is available Cluster contains a bad sector and is unusable Cluster is reserved for use by the operating system End of File; marks the last cluster of a le Number of the next cluster in the le
8. Assume that we have a BS with a 6-dB antenna gain and an MS with antenna gain of 2 dB, at heights 10 m and 1.5 m, respectively, operating in an environment where the ground plane can be treated as perfectly conducting. The lengths of the two antennas are 0.5 m and 15 cm, respectively. The BS transmits with a maximum power of 40 W and the mobile with a power of 0.1 W. The center frequency of the links (duplex) are both at 900 MHz, even if in practice they are separated by a small duplex distance (frequency difference). (a) Assuming that Eq. (4.24) holds, calculate how much received power is available at the output of the receive antenna (BS antenna and MS antenna, respectively), as a function of distance d. (b) Plot the received powers for all valid distances d i.e., where Eq. (4.24) holds and the far eld condition of the antennas is ful lled.
to a traffic load of about 12 Erlang/km2/MHz,and employing two element adaptive antenna arrays, 43% of the LQ accesses occurred, whilst in the 16-QAM mode, versus 72% fourwith element antennaarrays. Again, not explicitly shown in the figure, but increasing the number of users to 1400, or a traffic load of just less than 14 Erlang/km2/MHz, reduced number the of 16-QAM LQ accesses, but increased the BPSK LQ outages to 69% and 31% for the twoand four-element arrays respectively, with reductions to 21% and 53% of the LQ outages in the 16-QAM mode. From Figure 4.74it can be seen that the GOS, as defined in Section, of the FCA algorithm did not benefit from invoking AQAM to the same extent as the LOLIA. This resulted from the fairly similar probability of low quality access performance of the two and four element antenna array assisted systems in Figure 4.73, and the limiting blocking performance observedin Figure 4.69. However, since the LOLIA did not suffer from these limiting factors, its GOS improved due the employment of both adaptive antenna to arrays and AQAM techniques. The average modem throughput expressed in bits per symbol versus the mean carried teletraffic is shown in Figure 4.75, demonstrating that the mean number of bits per symbol throughput of the users decreased, as the number of users supported increased. The FCA algorithm offered the lowest throughputand its performance degradednear-linearly upon increasing the number of users supported. At the user capacity limits of 1400 and 1565 users, the mean modem throughput was 2.45 BPS and 2.35 BPS for the conservative and lenient scenarios, respectively, using two element adaptive antenna arrays. Using four element adaptive antenna arrays the corresponding throughputswere 2.7 BPS and 2.6 BPS. The LOLIA, especially for lower levels of traffic, offered a higher modem throughput a givenlevel of for
960 Gridder
Figure 1.3 Noise gure from 850 to 940 MHz. ID = 2.6 mA, NF = 8.7 dB when f = 895 MHz.
he point of view based on patterns of the past is classical statistics, somewhat analogous to classical music. It is historical and based on rigid and elaborate rules. Although mathematically aesthetic (I cannot imagine life without Bach), it cannot be expected to keep up with the quickly changing rhythms of our uncertain world. Classical statistics shines at determining the average lengths of swan beaks to three decimal places given thousands of white swans. But it will never predict a black one from purely white data.
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