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8 Elements
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If you are reading this book, you probably have a little more insight into computing environments than the user to whom you provide service. That point made, have you ever had difficulty locating resources on your network (or other networks) because of the way domains were laid out or because of the name structure used Take a network printer as an obvious example. When trying to connect to a new or existing printer, all you have to go by is the name. While it is true that some organizations use a highly descriptive naming strategy, the reality is that most administrators assign names that are often cryptic to the end user (QMS1701-22, for example, is a QMS printer model 1701 located on the 22nd floor). These communication gaps are often the single most common reason for support calls by end users (e.g., I can t find this resource! ). Imagine now that the printer was given a name in the directory that actually made sense to the end user. The same logic holds true for naming the root of the domain on down (see Figure 6.1), and in
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Using the Base Flange Method for Sheet Metal Parts
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Figure 7.5. Spectrogram of a speech signal; (a) signal; (b) spectrogram.
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The single dot (.)represents the current directory. The double dot (..) represents the parent directory.
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11: Digital Music and Audio
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SELECT LastName + , + FirstName AS FullName FROM dbo.Customer ORDER BY 1
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7. Close the Delete Browsing History and Internet Options windows.
FIGURE 2-29 Specify the database name and other database options.
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