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Part 3: Managing Your Workstation
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Wireless Modem
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The first time you enter Calendar, you ll see one or more calendars, depending on which calendars are present in Windows Live Calendar. (Local calendar users instead will see a single calendar named Calendar.) Each calendar gets its own name and color, and you can change either. For some people, a single calendar may be enough, but others may want to create different calendars for the different types of events they confront each day. In Windows Calendar, Microsoft had added the capability to create calendar groups, called Groups, within which you can collect related calendars if desired. This functionality is missing from both Windows Live Calendar and the Calendar component in Windows Live Mail, so the only way to organize events now is by calendar, not with groups. That said, Calendar does offer one other interesting possibility here. You can configure two or more Windows Live ID accounts with Windows Live Mail, and each would, of course, have its own associated calendar(s). If you do so, you ll see that the calendars are all segregated by ID in the Navigation pane of Windows Live Mail.
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Changing the project configuration
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10. Now show the solid body. You will notice the color of the surface conflicting with the color of the solid. This mottled appearance is due to the small approximations made by the rendering and display algorithms. 11. Initiate the Split feature through the menus at Insert Features Split, or on the Features toolbar. Use the surface body to split the solid body. Click the Cut Part button, and select the check boxes in front of both bodies in the list. Click OK to accept the feature. Notice now that the Solid Bodies folder indicates that there are two solid bodies. 12. From the View menu, turn on the display of Temporary Axes. Initiate a Circular Pattern feature, selecting the temporary axis as the axis, and the split-off leg in the Bodies To Pattern selection box. Set it to four instances, as shown in Figure 26.27.
Coexisting with other Empires
The Drive mode is also the location to set the A700 Bracketing modes The Drive menu and bracketing are covered in depth in 2.
Game controllers can include anything from an enhanced keyboard or mouse to a joystick or a gamepad. Gaming keyboards and mice install just like any keyboard or mouse; you simply plug in the USB peripheral, install the drivers, and you re off and running. Joysticks, gamepads, and driving wheels are a bit different but just a little bit. They often don t need drivers, although they may come with drivers and special programming software to boot. If your gaming peripheral came with drivers, you need to follow the instructions that came with it.
Windows XP
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