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>> l = List.find(:all) => [#<List id: 1, listname: Grocery List , created_at: 2009-1013 18:50:47 , updated_at: 2009-10-13 18:50:47 >, #<List id: 2, listname: Former Dream Jobs , created_at: 2009-10-13 18:52:46 , updated_at: 2009-10-13 18:58:05 >] >> l.each do |item| > puts item.listname >> end Grocery List Former Dream Jobs
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In addition to the properties, this class definition includes an attribute keyword, attr_ accessor. This keyword determines how the class controls access to the property from other program code. There are three types of property attributes:
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The six basic Exposure modes are Auto (A) mode, Program Auto (P) mode , Aperture Priority (A) mode, Shutter Speed Priority (S) mode, Manual (M) mode, and Memory Recall (MR) mode. Selecting any of these modes is done by rotating the Mode dial to the corresponding letter.
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4. Press the Shutter button or the
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High-voltage source Charging resistor Energy storage capacitor (20 F) Pulse duration shaping resistor (50 ) Impedance matching resistors (Rm1 = 15 ; Rm2 = 25 Rise time shaping capacitor (0.2 F) Switch closed when using external matching resistors
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Windows Name Services
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SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY(CHA1_Schedule, SELECT * FROM Tour WHERE Tour = Gauley River Rafting );
Public Sub New(ByVal RemoteHostName As String, _ ByVal port As Integer)
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4. Use the drop-down list to preview Vista s screen saver options.
Capture effects in a random-access protocol lead to increased levels of throughput relative to results derived without accounting for capture. Many studies of capture effects on contention-based protocols have been reported, many dealing with ALOHA systems [Rob75, Met76a, Abr77, Kah78, Fra80, Kup82, Kle84, Nam84a, Nam84b, Nel84, Arn87, Gan87, Goo87, Hab88, Pra88, Zha89, Zha92] and others with CSMA systems [Zdu89, Zha91]. In [Gan87, Goo87] the analysis focuses on the near far effects. The ratio of powers received from two terminals is formed and compared with a capture parameter, which takes path loss into account as a function of locations of transmitting terminals relative to the receiver. If the power ratio exceeds the capture ratio, the packet with the higher received power survives the collision. The difference in the received power levels is due solely to the different distances of user terminals from the central station, the terminals assumed to be uniformly distributed over the coverage area. The studies reported in [Arn87, Pra88] deal with Rayleigh-fading and lognormalfading channels, respectively, and also consider a general spatial distribution for radio terminals. Other investigations have in addition considered the effects of signal design in the analysis of capture. An analysis for a system with uniformly distributed terminals using ALOHA on indoor radio channels is given in [Hab88], where the performance of modulation and coding in fast Rayleigh fading are taken into account. Capture discussions in the remainder of this section closely follow Zhang and Pahlavan [Zha91, Zha92], where slotted ALOHA and CSMA are treated with general distributions of terminals and assumptions of fast and slow Rayleigh fading. Performance of a Slotted ALOHA System in Capture. Let us consider a system con gured as an ideal slotted ALOHA network with a base station located in the center and terminals distributed around it with a given distribution. We shall assume that the system has negligible propagation delay, perfect acknowledgments from the receiver, and an in nite number of terminals. For a slot length Tp and an average packet generation rate from all the terminals , the average number of packets arriving in a slot is G = Tp . If the arrival process is Poisson, the probability P (k) that k packets arrive in a slot is calculated from Eq. (11.5.1). At the beginning of every slot, we assume that the terminals generate a total of k + 1 packets. For this analysis, one of these packets is randomly chosen to be the test packet, which is phase-locked to the receiver, and the other k packets are considered to be interference to the test packet. De ning PC (k) as the probability that the test packet captures the k interfering packets, the average throughput of the system associated with this probability of capture is the average number of packets received successfully per time slot, given by
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