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major difference between the two engines is that Yahoo requires a minimum bid of $.10 for each keyword, whereas Google s minimum bid on keywords can be as low as $.01.
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The use of portals those web sites that are designed to funnel users to other web sites and content as a search engine placement tool is a hotly debated topic. Many experts will start throwing around the word spam when the subject of SEO and portals comes up. And there have been serious problems with portals that are nothing more than search engine spam. In the past, portals have certainly been used as an easy link-building tool offering nothing more than regurgitated information. Sometimes the information is vaguely reworded, but it s the still the same information. Search engine operators have long been aware of this tactic and have made every effort to hinder its usefulness by looking for duplicate content, interlinking strategies, and other similar indicators. Using these techniques, search engines have managed to reduce the usefulness of portal web sites as SEO spam mechanisms. However, because search engine operators need to be cautious about portals that are nothing more than SEO spam, your job in optimizing your site if it s a portal is a little harder. As with all web-site design, the best objective for your site, even for a portal, is to help your visitors achieve a desired result, whether that s purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or finding the desired information. If you make using your site easy and relevant, your site visitors will stay on your site longer, view more pages, and return to your site in the future. Portals help you reach these goals by acting as excellent tools for consolidating information into smaller, more manageable sources of information that users find easier to use and digest. Too often people optimizing web sites focus on the spiders and forget about the visitors. The sites you are developing have to appeal to the visitors and provide them with the information that they re looking for, or all you ll get at the end of the day is hosting bills and low conversion rates. Portal web sites enable you to create a series of information resources giving full information on any given topic while structuring a network of information covering a much larger scope. Though the visitor is of significant importance when building a web site, the site itself is of primary significance, too. There s no point in creating a beautiful web site if no one s going to see it, and portals are a fantastic tool for increasing your online visibility and search engine exposure, for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps the most significant of these reasons is the increase in keywords that you can use in portal promotion. Rather than having one web site with which to target a broad range of keywords, portals allow you to have many web sites, each of which can have its own set of keywords. For example, instead of trying to put deer hunting and salt-water fishing on the same page, you can create a hunting portal that allows you to have separate sites for deer hunting, salt-water fishing, and any other type of hunting activity that you would like to include. On one page it is much easier to target the two keyphrases deer season and Mississippi hunting license than it is to target two keyphrases like deer season and marlin fishing. Targeting incompatible keywords or phrases that is, keywords or phrases that aren t related to a larger topic makes it harder to have both readable, relevant content and to reach the keywords that you need to use.
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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If you need to program complex code against Active Directory, use a language that is based on the .NET Framework, such as Visual Basic .NET or C++. These languages offer a signi cant increase in speed compared to other languages.
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Partitioned non-clustered indexes must include the column used by the partition function in the index, and must be created using the same on clause as the partitioned clustered index:
Can I retrieve cut text if I change my mind
Con gure Internet Information Services. If the Application Server role is selected, the wizard displays a set of pages to prompt for options for Web service extensions, virtual directories, and anonymous authentication for IIS. Use these pages to specify IIS con guration for the security policy. At the completion of the wizard, you are prompted to specify a security policy lename under which the wizard will store the policy con guration (see Figure 2-26). The wizard stores the settings as an XML le. You can then use the le to apply the con guration to other servers.
The Microsoft Model
Submirror States DESCRIPTION Functioning properly Being synchronized following correction of an error I/O or open error has occurred, reads and writes disabled Component has incurred error, and replication is not available
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