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TIP If you need an adapter to convert between a DVI connector on your new video
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global directory, moving off-keel for each to fortify their own positions. In the past, such actions have proven only to hurt not only the industry, but the user community as well.
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download speed using the entire bandwidth provided on the telephone line, so it s not able to share the same line with an analog signal. SDSL lines can provide up to 2,320 kbps of upload and download speeds. Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL): ADSL provides a constant upload and download speed but can share the same telephone line with an analog signal, allowing an ADSL modem and a telephone to operate at the same time on the single telephone line. ADSL splits the upload and download speeds, so they don t have to be the same. This method allows much faster download speeds but at the expense of the upload speeds. ADSL lines can provide download speeds up to 24 megabits per second (Mbps) but usually limit upload speeds to no more than 3.5 Mbps. A typical home ADSL installation provides 8 Mbps of download speed and 1 Mbps of upload speed. For the average home user who downloads videos, music, and Linux distribution ISO files, ADSL is a perfect solution. The second and third categories of digital modem Internet access is referred to as xDSL. Most xDSL providers distribute a simple DSL modem, which you install by simply plugging it into your normal telephone jack to connect to the telephone company. The DSL modem is usually set to communicate automatically with the telephone system s ISP. The DSL modem uses Ethernet to communicate with the workstation. The Ethernet protocol has been a communications standard for decades and is supported by various types of media. The two most popular methods for communicating via Ethernet today are
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Towards the Semantic Web
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however, is the code required to make this sidebar widgetized. To do that, you need a function called dynamic_sidebar(). In the event of only a single sidebar, this function does not require arguments. If you have more than one sidebar, as you do in our ongoing example, you will have to pass it the ID of the sidebar or the name. Because you simplified your code to use register_ sidebars() in Listing 6.10, you will have two sidebars with IDs 1 and 2. In order to integrate the sidebars into WordPress, you need to do some conditional logic (see Listing 6.12). The logic exists to ensure that the dynamic_sidebar() function exists (it has automatically since WordPress 2.1) and to discover if there are any widgets actually configured for the sidebar. If the blogger hasn t actually put any widgets into the sidebar, then WordPress displays the default HTML coded into the template file.
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Select/into is a bulk-logged operation, similar to bulk insert and bulk copy. Bulk-logged
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Creating and Using Libraries
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On the Album pivot is a Play control and list of the songs you have from that album. The Review tab provides a textual, web-based review of the currently selected album.
chaPtEr 10 Managing E-mail on the Go
Save Bodies
formance and battery life and should be carefully chosen. Here, you can fine-tune how much processor power is used under certain states. Earlier in this chapter, we described how the default power plans affect processor performance, and you should use that as a guideline. Note, however, that you will likely be disappointed with the system s performance while doing multimedia tasks if 100 percent of the processor s performance isn t available. Note that whereas Windows Vista supported the Minimum processor state and Maximum processor state options, Windows 7 adds a third, new option: System cooling policy. This option is designed for PCs with active cooling systems only and should not be modified unless you know what you re doing. Display: Here, you can specify how quickly Windows 7 dims and turns off the display, which is pretty straightforward, and configure the display brightness in both normal and dimmed modes. Multimedia settings: One of the nicest features of Windows 7 is that it makes it very easy to share media such as music, videos, and photos from PC to PC and even across the Internet. However, when you re running on battery power, media sharing can be overly resource intensive and thus exacerbate energy consumption, so you may want to curtail media sharing on battery power. Available options include
Recording menu 2
Backup and restore planning
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