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Response messages normally repeat the mandatory headers of the request, except for Max-Forwards, which is used only in requests. Error responses do not repeat the mandatory headers. Most headers contain parameters, separated by semicolons. Individual headers can be split across multiple lines using a SP character or horizontal tab (HT). Below is the syntax for all the mandatory headers in request messages. The examples for each header are from RFC 3261 [8]. To. This header indicates the target or desired recipient of a message and is echoed back in response messages. To:SIP URI; tag parameter A display name may precede the URI, which must then be put in angle brackets. The tag parameter is not present if a dialog is not yet established. For example: To: Carol ksip:carol@chicago.coml To: Alice ksip:alice@atlanta.coml;tag 1928301774 To: sip: 12125551212@server.phone2net.com From. This header indicates the logical identity of the initiator of the request. Responses echo the information back. From: SIP URI; tag parameter A display name may precede the URI, which must then be put in angle brackets. For example: From: Bob ksip: bob@biloxi.coml;tag 456248 From: sip: 12125551212@ phone2net.com;tag 887s Cseq. This header stands for command sequence and contains a decimal integer that is incremented by one for every successive request within a given transaction. Responses echo the number back. Cseq : Sequence-Number Method For example: Cseq: 4711 INVITE Call-ID. This header is an alphanumeric identi er that links together a group of messages to form a dialog. It is assigned by a UAC when starting a dialog. Call-ID : call-id@host
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the same LG (min). The VT-rolloff (or SCE of the case 1 device is smaller, the lower, and 'drive is higher.
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5. In the Error-checking section, click the Check Now button.
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The server.key and server.csr files you previously generated must be in the same folder where you run this command from. 4. Copy the key and certificate to the server /etc/ssl folder locations:
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Mind2Onto: research topics as a mind map and in the ontology
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Schematic of a single-ended, common source, power amplifier.
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(b) Tunable filter implemented by two tank circuits and coupled by LC in series CV
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For a more in-depth understanding of how the Phishing filter feature is crucial to your browsing the Web securely, see the next chapter.
intX *= DoTheMath() In this example, you are evaluating the expression DoTheMath, a function call, multiplying it by intX, and assigning to intX. If the function DoTheMath returned 10, your result would be 100; if it returned 3, your result would be 30, or 3 * 10. Dim intX as integer = 27000 intX *= 129093482 ^ 45 Here you have the same issue you ran into with the multiplication operator the danger of not having a large enough data type to hold the result. This example results in an exception overflow, because the result of 27000 * 129093482 to the 45th power is larger than the integer data type can hold.
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Working with Specialized Functionality
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A bare install of Windows 7 does not include Windows Photo Gallery or Windows Live Photo Gallery, though it does include a stripped-down viewer application called Windows Photo Viewer, also discussed in this chapter. However, we will treat Windows Live Photo Gallery as a core part of Windows 7 regardless. This is an application that Microsoft would include in the OS if it weren t for antitrust-based bundling concerns. Oddly enough, Microsoft also significantly enhanced the ways in which you can manage photos and other pictures via the Windows 7 shell, so we will begin our examination of Windows 7 s image management capabilities there.
Wireless Communications
When the Pop-Up Blocker is enabled and a pop-up window is blocked, a yellow information bar appears onscreen to notify you of this occurrence. The information bar, as shown in Figure 3-10, is located just below the IE7 toolbar. Right-clicking the information toolbar produces a drop-down list, which offers you three options: Temporarily allow pop-ups. Always allow pop-ups from the current Web site. Adjust the Pop-Up Blocker settings.
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