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Note: D, dedicated; C, common; DL, downlink; UL, uplink; sl, slots.
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It s true that trust is earned, not demanded, but it s also true that the process can be accelerated by doing the things that enhance trust and avoiding the things that undermine it. On balance, are you building it or eroding it each day
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5: Where s My Stuff Finding and Organizing Files
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You can also manually add NAT if you have already enabled RRAS for another function. The following steps not only add NAT manually, but also take you through the con guration steps for NAT: 1. First add NAT as a routing protocol, which you do by right-clicking the General node and selecting New Routing Protocol. Select the server in the console tree and expand its node down to NAT. The interfaces (NICs) appear in the details pane on the right. 2. Add the interface to the protocol. Right-click NAT and select New Interface. You will have the option to con gure the interface for the internal network or the external network (Internet). Select an interface and click OK to display the Network Address Translation Properties dialog box. Specify whether the interface is connected to the Internet or the private network and click OK. 3. Select the interface to con gure and right-click. Then select Properties. The Local Area Connection Properties dialog box will appear. 4. On the Address Pool tab, enter the IP address assignment provided by your ISP. In many cases with ADSL, you will be given a dynamically assigned address, which should remain persistent, meaning the same IP address is renewed every time the DHCP lease expires. You can ask an ISP to reserve the number for you as well. 5. On the Services and Ports tab, place a check beside a service that you want translated. The Edit Service dialog box will load. 6. In the Private Address eld, enter the IP address of the server hosting the speci ed service and click OK. 7. If you need to add a service not listed, click Add to open the Add Service dialog box. Enter a name for the service in the Description of Service eld. 8. In the Incoming Port eld, type the Well-Known port number typically assigned to the IP service in question: for example, port 21 for FTP or port 25 for SMTP. 9. In the Outgoing Port eld, type the private port you wish to assign to the same service. It could be a Well-Known port of the outgoing IP service or any port used by your internal resources. (Using high port numbers, such as 5000, provides additional security; this makes it more dif cult for hackers to focus on unknown ports.) 10. In the Private Address eld, type the private address of the TCP/IP service (typically, the host). 11. Enter the public IP address to be translated (as opposed to the interface) in the eld for this address pool entry. That s all there is to con guring NAT; however, you should plan the deployment carefully. To point clients to the Internet for browsing and other services, you would con gure the private outgoing IP address on the NAT as your gateway to the Internet. NAT will translate this address to the correct public address.
Figure 4.1. Schematic representation of a staggered, bottom-gate, thin- lm transistor.
Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) Broadcast/Multicast Control (BMC)
The Zoom submenu appears to the left of the Page drop-down list. (See Figure 3-19.)
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Figure 10.12 Alternative way to pull the original impedances P3 and P4 to the center of a Smith chart, O. One capacitor and one small inductor.
A menu area A quick-launch icon area An applet area
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