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The transmission protocol of LTE is divided into several layers. At the top, the Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) performs functions related to data integrity (like enciphering) and IP header compression. The PDCP hands its packets, called Service Data Units (SDUs) to the Radio Link Control (RLC). The RLC segments and/or concatenates the SDUs into packets that are more suitable for transmission over the radio channel, the Protocol Data Units (PDUs). Due to the large dynamic range of the transmission data rates, the size of a PDU can be adjusted dynamically, but in any case, a PDU can contain bits from one or more SDUs; conversely one SDU might be segmented, and its segments transmitted in multiple PDUs. The RLC also makes sure that at the receiver (RX), all PDUs arrive (and arrange for retransmission if they do not) and hand them to the PDCP in their correct order. The Medium Access Control (MAC) handles the scheduling of the PDUs, as well as the Hybrid Automatic Repeat reQuest (HARQ) for retransmissions on the PHY.2 Finally, the PHY handles all the processes of actually transmitting data over the air, including coding and modulation. Note that the PHY not only interfaces with the MAC layer (layer 2), but also the Radio Resource Control (RRC) of layer 3 (see Figure 27.2). MAC layer and PHY are at the center of this chapter.
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Part IV: Creating and Using Libraries
This Adaptation Layer module supports SCCP User communication between an SS7 signaling point in the SCN and an ASP (such as a MGC or AS) via a signaling gateway. The protocol stack and the signaling architecture are shown in Fig. 21.5-16. SCCP is terminated at the SG, so the SG has its own SS7 point code while the ASP does not. SUA supports only SCCP User applications such as TCAP, MAP, or RANAP, and it cannot be used for applications, like TUP and ISUP, that do not require SCCP. SUA can also be used for SCCP User communication entirely within an IP network with no SG involved. Both connectionless and connection-oriented SCCP communication and all SCCP protocol classes are supported. Two modes of operation are possible for a SUA node:
determining the route for a given communication, a router can be programmed to consider a number of factors including the addresses of the originating and destination devices, the least-cost route, the least-congested route, and the shortest route. Routers can be capable of connecting dissimilar networks, such as circuit-switched and packet networks, and accomplishing the conversion processes necessary to resolve any issues of incompatibility. 8 discusses routers in great detail. Network: A network is a fabric of elements that work together much as the fabric of a net to support the transfer of information. In the extreme sense, a network includes everything from the transmitters to the receivers, including all links, switches, and other intermediate devices that can be called upon to support a communication. Local Area Network (LAN): A LAN is a local, that is, limited-distance, packet network designed for interconnecting computers, peripherals, storage devices, and other computing resources within a con ned area. A LAN may serve an of ce, a single oor, an entire building, or perhaps a campus of many buildings but generally does not cross a public right-of-way. LANs generally are private networks. LANs can be interconnected, perhaps across a MAN or WAN. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN): A MAN is a public network that serves a metropolitan area or perhaps a portion of a metropolitan area such as a city or a suburb. MANs tend to be data oriented and increasingly serve to interconnect LANs. A number of carriers now offer high speed metropolitan Ethernet services, for example. Wide Area Network (WAN): A WAN is a network that covers a wide geographic area such as a state, province, region, or country. The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is a voice-oriented WAN that individuals use to connect voice calls. The Internet is a WAN, as are many other data-oriented public networks. WANs can serve to interconnect LANs and MANs. The WAN commonly is depicted as a cloud (Figure 1.1), which originated in sales presentations of the 1970s for data communications networks. The thought behind the cloud simply was that the speci c internal workings of the networks could be many and various, change from time to time, and vary from place to place. The cloud served to obscure those internal workings from view. The cloud was the consummate conceptual sale data simply popped in on one end of the network in one format and popped out on the other side of the network in another format. Interestingly, the data network that gave rise to the cloud never worked, but the cloud lives on. Actually, the cloud is entirely appropriate for depicting the Internet, as the speci c internal workings are largely unpredictable for any given call.
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