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Multi-body parts are covered in detail in 26. n
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If you try to delete a part configuration being used by an open assembly, SolidWorks simply gives the message None of the selected entities could be deleted without explanation. If you delete a configuration of a part that is used in an assembly, but the assembly is not currently open, the next time the assembly is opened it issues the message The following component configurations could not be found . . . . If the configuration was renamed the same configuration will be used, otherwise the last active configuration will be substituted for each instance. As you can see, a configuration that is simply renamed is dealt with differently than a configuration that is deleted. In any case, you need to be careful when dealing with parts with configurations that are used in an assembly.
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ENERGY DISPERSIVE X-RAY MICROANALYSIS IN STEM AND TEM four. At 5 m from the interface, the O/Si ratio equals 4.41 whereas on clean garnet samples the measured ratio consistently is within 1 % of the theoretical value. It is not possible from the X-ray spectra to determine which monoxide is present, but the concentration at 5 m from the interface is consistent with: 89 at% of (Mg, Ca, Fe, Mn)3.0 (Al,Cr)1.9 Si3.0 O12.1 plus 11 at% of (Mg, Ca, Fe, Mn)O. Noteworthy in this sample is that the OPX phase is pure. Also at 5 m from the interface, the measured OPX composition is (minor elements are omitted): (Mg1.48 Fe0.48 Al0.10 ) [Si1.85 Al0.10 ] O5.96 . The sum of the so-called M1 and M2 sites, the elements between the round brackets equals 2.06 instead of 2.0 and the tetragonal site elements between the square brackets add up to 1.95 instead of 2.0. Even more impressive are the O index of 5.96 and the O/Si ratio of 3.05, which theoretically should be 6 and 3. The kfactors for this study are also measured experimentally with the parameterless correction method. All cations have kXSi s with relative accuracies of better than 3 % and kOSi , which was measured on different compounds, has a statistical accuracy of better than 1 %. With an estimated take-off angle of 34 and the known densities of garnet and ortho-pyroxene (3.95 and 3.4 g/cm3 , respectively) it is also possible to calculate the thickness pro le (Figure 5.7.10).
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In cases where the count rates do not exceed the pile-up limit and/or the area of interest is restricted to a smaller window, e.g. 2 2 cm2 the same signal charge can be read out several times. The eld of interest for RNDR in the focal plane can be chosen relatively free, leaving the rest of the detector in its conventional readout mode. Because the electrons are con ned in the electric eld below the sensing gate of the DEPFET ampli er ( oating gate ampli er) and are not mixed with other charges, the measurement of the amount of signal charges can be repeated as often as required. The noise, as shown in Equation (4.1.4), can be reduced by ENC(n) = ENC0 / n (4.1.14) where n is the number of readings of the signal charges and ENC0 the noise of a single reading. We expect a single read noise of the DEPFET structure of 4 electrons at 50 C with a shaping time of 1 s. After the single reading, the signal
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HTML (.html) format: formats spreadsheet data as an HTML web page Microsoft Excel 2003 (.xml) format: a standard proposed by Microsoft for using
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FIGURE 31.8 Locating the profile
Problem 31
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