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Working with Specialized Functionality
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It is tempting for some politicians to manipulate public opinion by raising the specter of horri c but extremely unlikely events, and it is easy to fall for their faulty logic. A few years ago, for example, a legislator, who supported an antimissile system for protecting us from rogue states such as North Korea, argued emotionally that the specter of a nuclear weapon destroying New York was so horrible that we should stop at nothing to deter it. Oddly, he didn t mention that it is more likely that such a weapon would be delivered to New York by ship and that a missile attack, aside from being far more expensive and dif cult, is the only delivery method providing a de nitive return address for a devastating U.S. counterstrike. Someone who has thought long and hard about missile defense is William J. Perry, former U.S. secretary of defense. Perry has a BS, MS, and PhD, all in mathematics, but has nonetheless had a remarkably practical and productive career as an entrepreneur, academician, and public servant. He is a stellar exemplar of the bene ts of connecting the seat of the intellect to the seat of the pants.
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Using Vista s Speech Recognition Feature
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To assign user2 to domain F s administrator group, use the following command:
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for the standard reference material (SRM) NIST SRM 1832 thin glass (see Figure 6.1.7, Subchapter 6.1 for a comparison of the experimental and MC simulated spectra). Deviations of the results from the certi ed concentrations are in the 2 4 % range. For more heterogeneous samples such the SRM 1577a (bovine liver) experimental data and certi ed results correspond only to within 12 % for some elements such as Fe (Table 5.4.2). Systematically repeated measurements on reference materials allow the determination of the homogeneity level of samples and the determination
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