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Scaling theory in conjunction with observations of past industry trends (e.g., Moore's law] 2 ) has led to the creation of so-called roadmaps for CMOS technology, the most public and widely agreed on is the Semiconductor Industry Association 1 National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (NTRS) some highlights of which are shown in Table 3.2. The NTRS is a statement of the historical trend as well as a projection of the future device needs and performances as perceived at the time of formulation of the road-map. Note that the effective channel length (not shown in Table 3.2), which determines the current drive, is expected to be 10-30% less than the gate lithography shown in Table 3.2, depending on the manufacturer. The future DRAM capabilities on this roadmap are based on simple projections of past progress. These numbers require gradually reducing the area required for a single bit down to four lithographic squares, which will require serious innovation, since there is no obvious present path to accomplish this. The anticipated increase in chip sizes will require and accompany increases in wafer sizes. 300 mm diameter Si wafers are expected to be used in production starting around the beginning of the twenty-first century, and still larger wafers (perhaps 450 mm) are being considered for the future.
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Optimizing Search Strategies
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Alloy Anneal It is well known that hydrogen plays a role in the passivation of interface statesalloy anneals at the end of the process play an important role in improving the subthreshold characteristics of a MOS transistor. Kizilyalli et al. 125 have shown that hydrogen is also involved in interface state creation during hot-carrier stressing, and, more surprisingly, that alloy annealing in deuterium increases the lifetime of an nMOS transistor stressed under interface state creation conditions, by an order of magnitude over the standard alloy or sinter anneals. This confirms the role of deuterium seen in experiments performed on irradiated transistors by Saks and Rendell. 19 The proposed mechanism is that, in the formation of an interface state, the Si-H (or in this case, Si-deuterium) bond is broken. The larger mass of the deuterium atom slows down the velocity at which the deuterium leaves the broken bond site, giving the bond the necessary time to reform. The beneficial effect of deuterium depends intimately on the sinter annealing conditions and the ability of deuterium to diffuse to the Si-Si0 2 interface to passivate the dangling bonds. The presence of a SiN capping layer, for instance, is known to prevent hydrogen (deuterium) from getting to this interface. Nitride spacers could have a similar effect.
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Customize the Start Menu
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17 Implementing the Physical Database Schema
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FIGURE 18.8 New buttons on the toolbar
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make any necessary or desired changes. Note that the preview screen makes immediate adjustments to the image file as you make corrections. This allows you to determine whether additional changes need to be made. You can also use the Revert and Redo buttons at the bottom of the editing panel to flip back and forth between recent adjustments.
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Networking and the Internet
Splitting and patterning bodies
The code in Listing 3.5 is available for download at www.wiley.com/go/wordpressbible. n
To check the integrity of the contents of the Active Directory database, you can use the ntdutil.exe tool. This tool contains a semantics checker that can be invoked by selecting the Semantic database analysis option. This tool is automatically invoked during Active Directory s Restore mode. During this time, any errors are written into dsdit.dmp.xx log les. A progress indicator indicates the status of the check. The following list describes the functions that can be performed with the ntdutil.exe tool: Reference count check. Counts all the references from the data table and the link table to ensure that they match the listed counts for the record. Deleted object check. Deleted objects are checked to ensure that the date and timestamp have been removed. Ancestor check. Determines whether the current Distinguished Name Tag (DNT) is equal to the ancestor list of the parent and the current DNT. Security descriptor check. Looks for a valid descriptor. Replication check. Ensures that every object has property metadata.
Exhibit 4.10 The minimax redescending M-estimate [cf. (4.84) and (4.85)].
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