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7: Selecting Features qrcode generate
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The main purpose of the DNS server is to provide an easy method for computers to locate one another by name. The three scenarios for finding an IP address using the DNS server are as follows:
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'Set the appropriate object references on our DataAdapter oDataAdapter.SelectCommand = oSelectCommand oDataAdapter.InsertCommand = oInsertCommand oDataAdapter.UpdateCommand = oUpdateCommand oDataAdapter.DeleteCommand = oDeleteCommand
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13: Software Installs and Updates
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3. Attach the mirrors:
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Unsuccessful Backward Signals. These signals are sent backward by the exchange that determines that the call setup cannot be completed and indicate the
A modeless dialog box allows users to switch between applications or continue to work with the rest of the application without closing the dialog box. .NET provides the CommonDialog class to display the standard dialog boxes, such as the Open, Save, and Print dialog boxes. It also provides the MessageBox class to display a message to the user. In addition, VB .NET provides the MsgBox function to display a message box. This function provides compatibility with previous versions of Visual Basic, thereby providing a familiar environment to developers who have worked in older versions. VB .NET provides you with the InputBox function to accept a value from the user. The following section looks at the MessageBox class.
The authoritative source for WiMAX is the (consolidated) IEEE standard [IEEE 802.16-2009]; however, as mentioned previously, it is not easy to read. It is augmented by a book of some of the participants of the standard [Eklund et al. 2006]. In addition to the IEEE documents, also the WiMAX system pro les [WiMAX 1.5] are essential reading for actual implementers of the standard. The most readable introduction to the standard is the textbook by Andrews et al. [2007], which nicely summarizes the standard and also provides a useful introduction to the underlying technology. Also the book by Nuaymi [2007] gives a good summary of the standard, while assuming more knowledge of the readers about fundamental technologies. More recent developments are reviewed in the June 2009 issue of the IEEE Communications Magazine. The multi-hop relay extension of WiMAX, called 802.16j, is described in Hart et al. [2009]. For updates and errata for this chapter, see
Line Set-Up: Connectivity
Best Practice
Bend Table
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Figure 5-7: The Nautilus Open With dialog box.
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