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3. Set the standard to be used, such as ANSI (American National Standards Institute) inch, ANSI metric, or ISO (International Organization for Standardization). 4. Select the type of screw. For example, a counterbored hole can accommodate a socket head cap screw or a hex head screw, among others. 5. Select the size of the screw. 6. Select the fit of the screw into the hole, such as normal, loose, or close. 7. Select the end condition of the hole. 8. Select options for clearance and countersinks or edge breaks.
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Photograph and diagram of a typical GTEM cell. (Photograph courtesy ETS-
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Working with Assemblies
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' and (1.42) produces an unbiased estimate of 0:
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Depending on the release of SunOS installed on a system, you may have the option to upgrade rather than install. This is likely to take less time, but, more importantly, an upgrade operation will not overwrite your configuration files. If the system you re installing has a local CD-ROM that you want to use in place of the installation server, you will have to present the client with a profile diskette. For Intel-based systems (not supported by Solaris 9 at this writing), insert the Solaris boot diskette into the local drive and hit reset or power cycle the system. At that point, you can choose to boot from a local CD or across the network. After selecting network boot, you have to select the Custom JumpStart method (versus the interactive install method in which you are prompted for all that is required). For network use, Custom JumpStart requires that you have already provided for network recognition of the client to be installed. When it broadcasts a request for identifying information on being told to boot over the network during the initial phase of the installation, some server must be prepared to respond, and some server must have boot software that the client can use. For this to be the case, you must have provided information about the system and prepared a boot server. That is to say, the server must both be able to identify the client in question (i.e., provide an IP address corresponding to the hardware or Ethernet address of the client) and, subsequently, provide a bootfile and a root file system. Preparing a server for this role is fairly minimal work, provided it has adequate space (check to make sure this is still the case). Add client support for each system to be installed by using the add_install_ client -c command or by adding a wildcard entry to the bootparams file or map that allows any system to determine the location of the jumpstart directory (* install_config=servername:/export/jumpstart). This allows a single entry to provide a response for any client installation.
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13 Using Full-Text Search
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HE PRODUCTION OF television pictures in full blazing color was an elusive goal for a long time and shared one natural problem with the printing industry the registration of superposed color separation images. The theory of tricolor vision, tracing as far back as Newton, was well known and color printing by the subtractive color method had been practiced for a long time. Starting with a white sheet of paper, the primary color components are subtracted from the white of the paper by selective masking by the pigments. The subtractive color primaries are therefore yellow, cyan and magenta. Starting with a dark television screen, however, components of colored light are added to the black screen to produce colored images. In this case, the color primaries are red, green and blue, their sum producing white light. Red light plus green light produces yellow. Green light plus blue light produces cyan. Blue light plus red light produces magenta. Many of us can remember reading the color comics and popular cartoon books whose brightly colored pictures attracted young buyers. There we saw poorly registered color printing with its annoying colored edges emphasizing the misfit of the images laid upon each other. This was the inevitable effect of low-cost, multilayered color printing. At the other extreme, in the expensive slick magazines, one could see high-quality color printing done so perfectly that scarcely any misregistration was visible. Those beautiful magazine pictures were an inspiration to television engineers and made us wonder if we would ever be able to achieve such perfect image registration. The printing presses had the great advantage of working with solid metal printing plates for each
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To import mail from a non-Microsoft application, such as Eudora or Pegasus, you have to first export your messages from that program into one of the four Microsoft formats.
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Figure 46-7: This example demonstrates multi-value nested parameters.
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