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Table 16.4 ttyadm Parameters -d -l -s The device file (tty node file) to run on The /etc/ttydefs entry to use The actual command to run
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In the course of the exercises thus far, you ve taken advantage of a powerful feature of JavaScript without naming it. That ends now. The Document Object Model, or DOM, is the mechanism in JavaScript that allows your code to access the various elements within an HTML document. You can use the DOM to get any element from a page and also write any element out. In this section, you examine how the DOM works. From your study of HTML, you ve likely surmised that page elements exist on the page in a hierarchy. An HTML tag contains head and body tags. Within the head tag is a title tag, perhaps some meta tags, and some script and style tags. The body tag can contain any number of p, form, img, div, and other tags that make up the content of the page. The DOM provides the JavaScripter with tools to manipulate the items in this hierarchy.
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FIGURE 29.37
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and maximum oscillation frequencies, 587-597 Comparator matching, system-on-chip concepts, analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion, 662-664 Complementary MOSFET (CMOS) circuits: clock frequency, 10 developmental history, 5-9, 19 MOSFETs, evolution of, historical development, 130-131 power dissipation, 11 Component matching, system-on-chip technology limits, 646-651 local threshold variation, 651 low voltage, 649-650 power and accuracy limits, 650-651 Computational power, increases in, 10-11 Conditioning circuits, heterogeneous ICs, systemon-chip concepts, 635-636 Conduction angle, CMOS technology, power amplifiers, 538-540 Confined lateral selective epitaxy (CLSEG), silicon-on-insulator (SOl) devices, epitaxial lateral overgrowth (ELO) variations, 225 Continuity equations: Boltzmann transport equation (BTE), 187188 balance equations, 196-200 inner-box shaped transistor, static characteristics, 30-35 Continuous-wave (CW) lasers, silicon-oninsulator (SOI) devices, recrystallization, 223-224 Conversion architectures, system-on-chip concepts, analog circuits, 655-664 A/D converters, 659-662 comparator matching, 662-664 D/A converters, 655-659 Conwell-Weisskopf model, device simulation, 176 Core processing units, self-adjusted transistor structures, device results, 59-60 CoSi 2 salicide, high-speed digital applications, 571 Cosmic rays: DRAM (dynamic random access memory) soft errors, 344-345 SRAM (static random access memory) soft errors, 366-367 Cost analysis, DRAM and SRAM chip manufacture, 372 Coulomb blockade mechanism, quantum effect devices, 253-254
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Figure 4.1.53 Smaller (prototype) version of the ROSITA pn-CCD, having a pixel size of 75 75 m2 and a store area of 75 51 m2 and a format of 256 256 pixels in the imaging area
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properties. Gold sequences are created by the appropriate combination of m-sequences; the ACFs of Gold sequences can take on three possible values; both the offpeak values of the ACF and the CCF can be upper-bounded. An even more general family of sequences is the Kasami sequences. In the following we distinguish between S (small ), L (large), and VL (very large) Kasami sequences. The letters describe the number of codes within the family. S-Kasami sequences have the best CCFs, but only a rather small number of such sequences exists. VL-Kasami sequences have the worst CCF, but there is an almost unlimited number of such sequences. Table 18.1 shows the properties of the different code families.
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106 105 Intensity (counts) 104 103 102 101 100 (a) 106 105 Ca Intensity (counts) 104 K 103 102 101 100 (b) S Mn Ti Ni As+Pb Zn Fe Fe Ni Mn Zn K Ca Cl Ti
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dealt with interface settings and creating a registry settings file to copy to other computers or use as a backup. However, you also need to copy the various file types that comprise a custom installation.
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Figure 9.15. The file and printer sharing options.
2 Type all or part of the
For a simple example of working with sketch relations in a 2D sketch, consider the sketch that is shown in Figure 1.19. The only relationships between the four lines are that they form a closed loop that is touching end to end, and one of the corners is coincident to the part origin. The small square icon near the origin shows the symbol for a coincident sketch relation. The setting to enable or disable these sketch relation symbols is found at View Sketch Relations. If you drag any of the unconstrained corners (except for the corner that is coincident to the origin), the two neighboring lines will follow the dragged endpoint, as shown in Figure 1.20. Notice the ghosted image left by the original position of the sketch. This is helpful when experimenting with changes to the sketch because you can see both the new and the old states of the sketch. The setting to enable or disable this ghosted position is found at Tools Options Sketch Ghost Image On Drag.
A connection initialized by the MS requires the following procedures: 1. The MS synchronizes itself with the strongest BS as described in the previous section. 2. The MS decodes the BCH and thereby acquires information regarding: (i) the spreading code of the preamble and the scrambling code for the message part of the PRACH; (ii) the codes available; (iii) the access timeslots available; (iv) possible spreading factors for messages; (v) the interference level on the uplink; and (vi) the transmit power of the CCPCH. 3. The MS selects a spreading code for the preamble and a scrambling code for messages. 4. The MS determines the spreading factor for the message. 5. Based on the measured signal strength of the CCPCH and information on the transmit power of the BS, the MS estimates the attenuation on the uplink. Based on the attenuation estimate and information regarding the uplink interference level, the MS estimates the necessary transmission power for the preamble. 6. The MS randomly selects an access timeslot and a signature from the available set. 7. The MS transmits the preamble. In case of successful acquisition the BS transmits an acknowledgement on the AICH. 8. In case the MS does not receive an acknowledgement from the BS it repeats the preamble with increased transmission power.
Hyperlinking text is sometimes useful on drawings to provide a link to reference documentation, specification, test results, and so on. The first button in the Text Format panel enables you to add a hyperlink to text in the note. Either copy the URL to the hyperlink dialog box that appears, or browse to it from the dialog box.
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