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Addressing. The addresses of the two AEs involved in a transaction, needed to route the TCAP message to the appropriate destination, follow the SCCP addressing scheme: point code and subsystem number (Section 14.2.4). Addresses are not carried in TCAP messages because message routing is handled by SCCP. The addresses are contained in two parameters, the originating address and the terminating address, which are sent from the AE to TC in a TC primitive, and from TC (unchanged) to SCCP in a TR primitive.
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RMS delay spread used for communications
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Figure 4.5.10 Ambiguity of position reconstruction in double-sided silicon strip detectors
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Fig. 11.21
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Battery: This option, available only on portable PCs, determines how the system
Use color gels. Gels are polyester
Problem 3E
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Constant radius fillets are the most common type that are created if you select only edges, features, or faces without changing any settings. When applying fillets in large numbers, you should consider several best-practice guidelines and other recommendations that come later in this chapter. There are still some long-time users who distinguish between fillets and rounds (where fillets add material and rounds remove it). SolidWorks does not distinguish between the two, and even two edges that are selected for use with the same fillet feature can have opposite functions; for example, both adding and removing material in a single feature.
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