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H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, TH, THEAD, TFOOT { COLOR: #003366; } H1 { font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 2em; font-weight: 700; font-style: normal; text-decoration: none; word-spacing: normal; letter-spacing: normal; text-transform: none; }
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22: Samba and Print Server
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Certain PC operating systems, most notably Windows NT and Windows 2000/XP (Professional and Server versions only), can support multiple CPUs running simultaneously, using a technology
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38 Automating Database Maintenance with SQL Server Agent
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ShowWeekNumbers (Public Instance Property)
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3. Select the Web page you wish to see.
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translated format files in a couple of different ways. Many people look for an Import or Translate option in the File menu, but it s not there. You can use the Open command, and select Parasolid
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(b) AC equivalent circuit
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Note that the headline was just three words short, concise and certainly enough to get you to read the subheadline. Then notice that the subheadline did not give away the premise of the ad; you still don t know what it is. In fact, it might sound like some men got together and made the wearing of lingerie possible. You just don t know, so you keep reading. Now read the rst paragraph, which is in large type and actually draws you into the copy. Also note the storytelling feel of the rst few paragraphs.
0 In the Unsharp Mask dialog box, set the Amount field to 100 percent, the Radius to 1.0 pixels, and the Threshold to 0, and then click OK.
are the normalized reactances when ZL is short-circuited and open-circuited. They are the readings from the impedance trace on the Smith chart. Figure 14.24 shows the two normalized reactances, x ZL o and x ZL , in the shortcircuited and open-circuited cases respectively. The two impedance traces somehow deviate from the big circle, r = 0, of the Smith chart. This is due to the additional resistance which exists in a micro strip line or runner. From expressions (14.45) and (14.46), the quarter wavelength can be calculated as
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