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24 Exploring Advanced T-SQL Solutions
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The write-ahead nature of the transaction log is what makes it critical that the transaction log be stored on a different disk subsystem from the data file. If they are stored separately and either disk subsystem fails, then the database will still be intact and you will be able to recover it to the split second before the failure. Conversely, if they are on the same drive, a drive failure will require you to restore from the last backup.
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Figure 1.41 Re-modi ed impedance matching by parts. At input: LS,in = 3.8 nH, CS,in = 5 pF. At output: RP,out = 200 , LP,out = 2 nH, CP,out = 0.97 pF, and CS,out = 10 pF, LS,out = 3.3 nH.
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Numerous tools are available today to assist with the installation of patches. The patchadd command can be used to install a single patch or a group of patches, as shown in the sample interaction below. Patches that are not relevant to your particular system (e.g., patches for software that isn t installed on your system or patches that have already been installed) will not be installed, so there are no repercussions from being too generous in your patch install specifications. The syntax for the patchadd command is:
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Memory-Configuration Properties
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where CR = capacitance of varactor for a given value of control voltage C.V. As a matter of fact, equations (6.10) and (6.11) both are only a rough approximation because the actual inductor L is a complicated part with spray capacitance. It should be noted that in the practical design of the Hartley, Colpitts, and Clapp oscillators, as shown in Figures 6.4 to 6.7, the drain of the MOSFET transistor is not directly connected to the node 2 as shown in Figures 6.1 and 6.2. The AC equivalents of the three-point type oscillators shown in Figures 6.1 and 6.2 must be modi ed by adding the output impedance at the drain of MOSFET transistor; they become Figures 6.8 and 6.9 respectively. Figures 6.8 and 6.9 still behave as oscillators although their performances are somehow different from those shown in Figures 6.1 and 6.2. Additional attenuation and frequency shift may occur in the practical designs shown in Figures 6.8 and 6.9.
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View Orientation
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The MTA software is responsible for handling both incoming and outgoing mail messages on a mail server. For each outgoing mail message, the MTA determines the destination of the recipient addresses. If the destination host is the local machine itself, the MTA can either deliver the message directly to the recipient s local mailbox or pass the message off to the local MDA program for delivery. However, if the destination host is a remote mail server, the MTA must establish a communication link with the remote host to transfer the message. Similarly, for incoming messages, the MTA must be able to accept connection requests from remote mail servers and receive messages destined for local users. Many types of protocols can be used to transfer messages between two remote MTAs. The most common protocol used for Internet mail transfer is the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP). This protocol is used only for passing messages to mail servers. It s not normally used for retrieving messages from an individual mailbox. There are three popular MTA packages you ll often find on Linux servers:
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From a modeling point of view, sub-weldments are generally used for either organizational or performance reasons to group together elements of a weldment or to break a larger weldment into more manageable pieces. This is in much the same way that subassemblies are created for the same purposes within larger assemblies. From a fabrication point of view, sub-weldments are also used to break a large weldment into pieces that can be transported or handled. To create a sub-weldment, you can select several bodies from the Cut list, and then select Create Sub-Weldment from the right-mouse button menu. (You can also select the bodies from the graphics window if you use the Select Bodies selection filter.) This creates a separate folder for the subweldment bodies. You can then right-click the sub-weldment folder and select Insert Into New Part.
The newly created console.
4000 2000 C Ka O Ka 0 0 2 4 Energy (keV) 6 8 Au Ma Fe Ka
Figure 10.4. (a) Schematic energy diagrams of clusters, nanoparticles, and bulk semiconductors. (b) Manifestation of the size quantization effect as a color change of aqueous colloidal solutions of CdSe nanoparticles (courtesy of A. Rogach). The particle size changes from left to right from 1.5 to 4.5 nm. (c) Bulk CdSe crystal. (See color insert.)
is the multielectron wavefunction for ani N-electron system in terms of the spatial coordinates r and the spin coordinates s. Since electrons are fermions subject to the Pauli exclusion principle, the wavefunction has to be suitably antisymmetrized by constructing a Slater determinant in terms of the individual electron
As mentioned previously, you can create namespace targets to replicate a DFS namespace from one computer to another. You can only do this within the framework of a domain-based DFS namespace. You cannot create namespace targets of standalone DFS namespaces. However, you can create a domain-based DFS namespace on any member server in a domain. The server need not be a domain controller. As with replicas in a DFS link, there is no guarantee that a given namespace replica is an exact copy of another. Creating a root replica does not provide any means of folder replication or
FIGURE 27.28
(7.142) and the assertion of the lemma now follows from (7.140).
If the sole purpose of the button is to open a gallery or menu, PowerPoint does that. If the main part of the button executes a command, either PowerPoint applies that command using the settings you last used or the most commonly used settings for that command.
To set up quotas on individual volumes, do the following: 1. Make sure you are logged on as a member of the local Administrators group on the server hosting the volume. This is required to set quotas. The volume must be formatted using NTFS. If not, run the convert.exe utility rst if you want to preserve the data residing on it. Otherwise, format it with NTFS using the Disk Management console, Windows Explorer, or the command line. 2. Launch the Disk Management console. 3. Switch to Graphical View by selecting View Bottom Graphical View. 4. Right-click the volume for which you want to set the quotas and select the Properties option from the menu. This will display the Local Disk Properties dialog box. Click the Quota tab. This will display the options shown in Figure 13-6. If the volume has a drive letter assigned to it, you can also access it from the My Computer window by right-clicking that drive, selecting Properties from the context menu, and clicking the Quota tab. Both methods bring up the same dialog box, but the rst one allows you to set up quotas on volumes (such as mounted volumes) without a corresponding drive letter. 5. Click the Enable Quota Management checkbox. This triggers the monitoring of user disk space consumption (the results can be viewed by clicking the Quota Entries button). 6. Click the Deny Disk Space to Users Exceeding Quota Limit checkbox. This option is required to enforce quota limits and send noti cation to users who exceed them. Checking this is not suf cient, though, to enforce quotas. You also need to set appropriate limits for everyone, or for individual users, through the Quota Entries for Local Disk window. 7. Leave the Do Not Limit Disk Usage option selected if you want to allow users to use as much hard disk space as they need; otherwise, check the Limit Disk Space To select box and specify the size limit. This value will apply to all users (with the exception of members of the local Administrators group).
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