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When you select the Internet with SmartHost option, the Ubuntu installation automatically configures Postfix to handle inbound and outbound mail as two separate functions:
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Core, Con guration, Networking, and Communication Services
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Dynamic Snapshots
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Although SQL Server 2005 introduces .NET and the common language runtime to the database development platform, T-SQL remains the best language for tasks that access the database.
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4. (Optional) Type a password hint.
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Figure 10.18 LS1 CP CS2 topology of impedance matching network problematical for input and output of a device.
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Tag: wp_logout_url() Description: Returns a URL for the user to use to log out of WordPress. Returns: URL Arguments: 1
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Wi-Fi Hotspots
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FIGURE 6-12 The IP tab.
As discussed earlier in this chapter, public keys are packaged in digital certi cates. A good example of a digital certi cate is the visa you are given by a foreign country permitting access. The visa number is the key; it is what enables you to get into a country and move around. The visa, issued by the country s consulate, and which is usually laminated or expertly printed so that it cannot be tampered with, is the digital certi cate, an object of trust that proves that you received the visa or key from a trusted authority in this case, the consular general and that the number is authentic. Although visas can be forged and authorities are constantly working to come up with better certi cates, passport control of cers use veri cation equipment to check the authenticity of the visa. If a visa is forged, the immigration authority at the port of entry will be able to detect the forgery and deny access. Digital certi cates, however, rely on certi cate authorities for veri cation. How do you verify a digital certi cate A certi cate authority (CA), the issuer of your key, or the equivalent of the consular authority in the previous analogy, signs the certi cate with its digital signature. You can verify the digital signature with the issuer s public key. Who vouches for the issuer The answer lies in a certi cate hierarchy, a system of vouchsafes that extends all the way up to a group of root certi cate authorities that have formed an association of vouchsafes. You can obtain the public keys for the CA from Microsoft, but it is all transparently taken care of in Microsoft Certi cate Services.
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.#
hile the actual act of installing SQL Server is relatively easy, knowing the intended users, environment, and uses that the database must meet may not be quite so clear. Additional time spent identifying and answering these and other questions about the environment and use will pay off with a smoother installation. Although this chapter focuses on the aspects of installing a new SQL Server, some information will be provided on upgrading to SQL Server.
These reactions have been studied in detail for materials such as silica, and understanding of reaction mechanisms, as well as of the role of the precursor and catalyst (acid or base), has been well documented.63,64 Similar studies have been carried out in other material systems, most notably, lead zirconate titanate [Pb(Zr,Ti)O3; PZT].52,65 68 For multicomponent (mixed-metal) systems such as those noted, prehydrolysis of less reactive alkoxides is sometimes employed to improve solution compositional uniformity. Other synthetic strategies to achieve molecular level mixing of reagents have also been employed. Here, synthesis of mixed-metal alkoxides has been a focus of investigators.40 42 A key point is to restrict the amount of water and to control how it is added to form solubalizable precursor species, rather than to induce precipitation.1,52,69,70 The desire to control the characteristics of the solution precursor species in sol-gel processes originates from the in uence of the precursor on subsequent lm processing characteristics. Compared with other solution-based processes, such as chelate and metallo-organic decomposition, sol-gel processes offer the greatest level of control of precursor nature. Some precursor properties that might be controlled include molecular shape, extent of oligomerization, composition, and organic fraction. These properties are controlled by varying factors, including the alkoxide reagent, solvent, alkoxide concentration, water concentration, method used for water addition, catalyst, and solution preparation/reaction conditions.1,52,70,71 Manipulation of the factors noted above may be used to control the characteristics of the hydrolysis and condensation reactions, which will dictate precursor nature. These reactions have been studied extensively for silica,1,63 and some similarity in chemical behavior to electronic material systems (PZT, etc.) has been noted because of the alkoxide reagents used in the synthesis of these material systems.52,70,71 For silica, much of the work in this area was carried out in the 1980s and the reader is referred to the series of proceedings volumes from the Materials Research Society entitled Better Ceramics through Chemistry. 63 To illustrate typical precursor structures, and the role of reaction chemistry on precursor structure, Fig. 2.3 presents capillary gas chromatography results for the hydrolysis of tetramethoxysilane [TMOS: Si(OCH3)4].72 Typical polymeric species formed (Fig. 2.3a) include linear and cyclic structures. Because of the role of precursor structure on lm processing behavior (consolidation, densi cation, crystallization behavior), the reaction pathways are typically biased through the use of the catalyst, which is simply an acid or a base. This steers the reaction toward an electrophilic or nucleophilic attack of the M OR bond.1,63 Hydrolysis sensitivity of singly or multiply hydrolyzed silicon alkoxides is also in uenced by the catalyst, which contributes to the observed variations in oligomer length and structure. Figure 2.3b illustrates
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