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Towards the Semantic Web
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Like in Windows XP, you can unleash the power of the Windows Start menu by right-clicking the Start button and choosing Properties (shown in Figure 4.23). This includes yet another Search box, as well as the other Properties tabs. Although the content is primarily the same, the layout has changed significantly from Windows XP. Inside Scoop
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Force Field Analyses
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The Tip icon indicates a helpful trick.
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* * Figure 7.10 Test setup for Zin and Zout .
Are there alternatives to Photoshop If you still can t justify the expense, then there are up-and-coming replacements available on the Mac. Advancements in the Mac OS have given independent developers the foundation they need to build full-featured image editors, and several have recently appeared on the market. The top three on this list are Acorn, from Flying Meat Software (www.flyingmeat.com/acorn); Pixelmator (www.pixelmator.com); and Iris, from Nolobe Software (http://nolobe.com/iris). You can t beat the prices for these programs compared to Photoshop, but they don t have all the features of Photoshop either. Photoshop Elements is also an option if you re looking to get image editing on the cheap. While originally geared for retouching photos, this little sibling to Photoshop has come a long way, with many features that you ll find in Photoshop, such as layers and effects. The interface is more simplified, so not everything that you see here in regards to Photoshop will be immediately apparent. But for less than $100, you may have a worthy and affordable alternative.
If you request to remove a package that installed dependencies, Synaptic will ask whether you want to remove those packages as well. Ubuntu attempts to determine whether any installed packages use the dependent packages, but sometimes things get missed, especially if you have installed universe packages that aren t closely monitored by Ubuntu. Pay attention to the list of packages that Synaptic asks to remove. Be especially careful when removing library packages.
in band 2. In the third timeslot, MS A is serviced in band 3, and MS B in band 1. Then the whole sequence repeats. The signals for all the MSs use the same hopping sequence, and it can be made sure that there is never a collision between them. Thus, clearly, we have the same capacity as FDMA, with the added bene t of frequency diversity. In order to apply the same concept for the uplink, all MSs have to send their signals in such a way that they arrive at the BS synchronously, and thus recover the situation of Figure 18.1. This requires information about the runtime from each MS to the BS, which tells each MS exactly when to start transmission (timing advance, see also 24). The situation is different when users are not synchronized such a situation can either occur in simple networks where timing advance is not foreseen, for consideration of intercell interference,2 or in ad hoc networks. For such a case, it is not a good idea to use the same hopping sequence for all users. Remember that, due to the lack of synchronization, any delay between the signals of different users is possible, including a zero-delay. If all users use the same hopping sequence, then such a zero-delay leads to catastrophic collisions, where different users interfere with each other all the time. In order to circumvent this problem, different hopping sequences are used for each user (see Figure 18.2). These sequences are designed in such a way that during each hopping cycle (i.e., one repetition of the hopping sequence; in our example, three times the hopping period), the duration of exactly one timeslot is disturbed, while the remainder of the time is guaranteed to be collision free.3 Obviously, the performance of such a system is worse than that of a synchronized system (or an FDMA system). The design of hopping sequences that guarantee the low probability of collisions is also quite tricky, and still an active area of research.
As you select an individual menu, the items or submenus in that menu appear in the right side of the window. Items and submenus that are active contain a check mark in the check box next to them. If the check box is empty, that item or submenu won t appear on the menu. You can add new submenus as well as new item links to the menus. To add a new submenu, select the parent menu location from the left side of the window, then click the New Menu button. After you name the new menu, it appears in the window on the right. Make sure you check the check box next to the new submenu or it won t appear in your final menu. Once the new submenu appears in the list on the right, you can move it around in the menu list using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. You can also use the New Separator button to add a horizontal bar in the menu list to help separate item groups. To add a new item link in the menu or submenu, select the menu or submenu in the left window, then click the New Item button. The Create Launcher dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 4-7. You can create three different types of links in the Create Launcher dialog box:
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