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Figure 17.2 Cumulative distribution of cash requirement.
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Split, Save Bodies, Insert Part, Insert into New Part
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The next batch demonstrates how to call the function to test security within a stored procedure. If the function returns a 0, the user does not have sufficient security and the procedure terminates:
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Table 12.1 Example of weighted concept relations With the relation weight of 0.86 0.804 0.799 0.054 0.051 0.051
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Multiple contexts occur when a part has references that are created in multiple assemblies. By default, multiple contexts are prevented from happening. If you place a part that already has external references into a different assembly, a warning appears, as shown in Figure 16.10.
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Enjoying the Visual Advantages of Aero
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n Hidden edges displayed as: This setting refers to edges that are not visible through the part. n Allow selection in wireframe and HLV modes: This option enables you to select hidden edges in display modes where they can be seen. HLV is short for Hidden Lines Visible. n Allow selection in HLR and shaded modes: This option enables you to select hidden edges in display modes where they cannot be seen. On simple models where you want to be able to select edges without rotating the model or changing to Wireframe mode, this option can be useful. However, on complex models and assemblies, you may want to turn this option off.
Understanding the bbPress Theme System
If you have multiple users that share assemblies, then you need to also share the Toolbox library. If you share assemblies only among yourselves, meaning only with other users who are also sharing Toolbox, then sharing Toolbox should be good enough. However, if you share assemblies with Toolbox users who do not share your Toolbox library, then you should probably go through the exercise of populating all of your parts with all of the available configurations. If you do not receive assemblies from outside of your group with Toolbox parts in the assembly and you have network performance problems, it may be a good idea to install Toolbox locally, but to set it to use the Create Parts setting, where the parts are on a shared network location. If you use a PDM system, then I would definitely install Toolbox locally, and use the Create Parts setting. The sharing occurs through the PDM system. Library parts should be non-revision managed parts, but you may want to have a representation of the fasteners so you can do where-used searches and BOMs. The least problematic technique is to turn Toolbox off altogether and either buy or make your own library of static parts. You can then distribute these files internally in your organization, as well as to any other people upstream or downstream from you who also share files with you. You can build this type of library by using Toolbox s config population tool; materials or other custom properties are then dealt with the way you want, probably using auto-created design tables. Of course, there is a downside to that too, and that is that you lose all of the nice automation features available with Toolbox. The best option if you want to keep Toolbox is to use the Copy Parts option, install locally, use a PDM system, and if you get assemblies from Toolbox users who aren t part of your network, insist that they either use your parts or send you their parts.
FireWire devices may be no more than 4.5 meters from a hub. This is shorter than for
Figure 7-4: Within Management Studio s Query Designer, you can define the sort order by clicking the Ascending or Descending button on the toolbar, or by setting the sort order in the Grid pane.
Using the System Information feature
These properties make it an ideal building block for an active X-ray pixel detector, or an electronic amplifying device for other silicon detectors.
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