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The default is the value SQL Server will insert into the table if no value is supplied by the insert DDL command. Defaults become more important when the column does not permit nulls, because failing to specify a value when inserting into a non-nullable column without a default will cause the insert to be rejected. The default value may be one of the following: A valid static numeric or character value, such as 123 or local A scalar system function, such as GetDate()or newID() A user-defined scalar function A null The default value must be a data type compatible with the column. If the table is being created using Management Studio, the default is easily specified as one of the column properties. From code, the default is added as one of the column options as the table is first created, or later as an alter table add constraint DDL command. The following truncated code sample is taken from the Product table of the OBX Kite Store sample database. The ActiveDate column s default is set to the current date:
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These ideas have been extended to Generalized Linear Models in Cantoni and Ronchetti (2001). Specifically, robust inference and variable selection can be carried out by means of tests defined by differences of robust deviances based on extensions of Huber and Mallows estimators. Consider a Generalized Linear Model, where the response variables yi, for i = 1, . . . , n, assumed to come from a distribution belonging to the exponential family, are such that E[yi] = pi and var[yi] = V(pi) for i = 1 , .. . , n, and
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Figure 2.13 IF ampli er after 800-900 MHz MOSFET resistive mixer. chip capacitor outside RFIC chip inductor outside RFIC
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In this step, the taxonomical terms are determined by which the entities are classi ed, based on the characteristics of the available content. The classi cation terms may correspond to types from the domain ontology, property values, ranges of property values, combinations of property values, or relations between instances. These terms will be used later for navigation and selection purposes. The key bene t of this step is that an abstraction is made (for the purpose of presentation and navigation) from the arbitrary modelling decisions made in the domain ontology. Example. The EnerSearch presentation employs several classi ers. Entities (i.e. pages) are classi ed by individual concepts, authors, projects and the year of publication. Concepts are classes in the ontology, while authors and
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Figure 24.1 Demo version of the Bessemer Interactive Retirement Simulator.
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The default manifest shows generic information. You can use that file to give the JVM specific instructions about your application, such as the entry point of your Java application. To do that, you must create a manifest file to add to your jar file. The jar program will add the information from your manifest file to the standard manifest information. To specify the class that contains the main method, create a manifest file called Manifest. txt and use the Main-Class: tag to define the class that contains the main class method. After adding the file, the contents of your Manifest.txt file should look like this:
22: Managing Your Schedule
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Dim strCN As String strCN = "uid=sa;pwd=;database=northwind;" & _ " server=jb500\NetSDK;" Dim cn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(strCN) Dim adpProducts As _ SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter() adpProducts.TableMappings.Add("Table", "Products") Dim cmdProducts As SqlCommand = _ New SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM Products", cn) adpProducts.SelectCommand = cmdProducts adpProducts.Fill(ds) cn.Close() End Sub End Class
An alternative to installing NFS services on your clients is to provide SMB services on your Solaris server. Samba software is included in Solaris 9, but can be easily added in other versions. The free software Samba centralizes the installation and administration of your file sharing by supporting SMB. You can get Samba from http://samba.anu.edu.au/samba. Samba installation and setup is trivial; Samba is configured as a Solaris package. The following listing depicts an excerpt from a Samba configuration file (smb.conf) specifying the equivalent of an /etc/dfs/dfstab entry for a file system being made available via Samba.
Database Schema for the Terms Table
The Console Mode emacs editor was developed many years before graphical windows appeared. However, it was advanced for its time, in that it could support multiple editor windows within the main emacs window. You can split the emacs editor window into multiple windows using one of two commands:
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