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7: Design Concepts
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app, you can navigate to different web sites using the Safari browser app. On the iPhone, the photos you want to see are all over the place. On Windows Phone, the Pictures hub provides an extensible front end to the photos stored directly on the phone and those found on an unlimited number of online services. These photos located in different places, potentially all over the world are all presented in a single cohesive, panoramic user interface. So instead of thinking about which app you need to launch to view which photos, you can just make the one-to-one connection between the pictures you want to see and the Pictures hub. It really is that easy.
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Click+Click. Used for drawing multiple connected end-to-end lines. Click and release the left-mouse button to start the line; each click and release ends the previous line and starts a new one. Double-click, press Esc, or deselect the Line tool to end. Click and Drag. Used to draw individual or unconnected lines. Click, drag, and drop. The first click initiates the line, and the drop ends it.
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To access a specific Web site by using a URL
Managing users and groups is covered in detail in 23, and 24 adds to this section with coverage of change management and how Group Policy facilitates change control over users, computers, security, and the work space. 25 takes a detailed look at Windows Server 2008 s service-level tools, such as the new Reliability and Performance Monitor (which incorporates and enhances the legacy Performance Logs and Alerts).
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