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At the other end of the auditing spectrum is complete auditing. If you re very concerned about security or shooting for C2 security certi cation, this may be an option. Bear in mind, however,
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Creating and Using Libraries
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the pane with the Outline tab. PowerPoint hides the pane with the Outline tab.
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FIGURE 21.11 The Aligned Section view
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Length of backup
Using the Magnifying Glass with the section view
Program mysql mysqlaccess mysqladmin mysqlbinlog Description Provides an interactive interface to the MySQL server Tests access privileges for a username, hostname, and database combination Interface to perform administrative functions on the MySQL server Displays the contents of the MySQL data log files
First, you might want to configure how the Zune PC software handles podcasts. This is done via the Podcasts section in Zune Settings, as shown in Figure 14-30. Here, you can determine how many episodes you want to keep of each podcast (three is the default, but you can keep as few as one at a time or as many as all of them) and how the podcast episodes are ordered (newest episodes first or oldest episodes first). Unfortunately, these settings are universal. You can t configure them differently for individual podcasts. To subscribe to a podcast, you have two options. First, you can search podcasts via Zune Marketplace, discussed later in this chapter. As far as podcasts go, Zune Marketplace has a great selection, and its integrated search tool and genre-browsing capabilities make finding the right podcasts short work. A typical podcast entry in Zune Marketplace is shown in Figure 14-31. As you can see, you can easily download an individual episode to try it out, or click the Subscribe button to begin receiving new episodes automatically. A less well-known method of subscribing to podcasts is via a standard RSS feed. To subscribe to a podcast this way, you need to visit the podcast s Web site in a Web browser and copy the URL for its RSS feed to your clipboard. Then, open the Zune PC software and navigate to Collection Podcasts. In the lower-left corner of the player is an Add a Podcast button. Click this button and then paste the RSS feed URL into the dialog that appears, as shown in Figure 14-32.
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Using the Configuration Publisher
Working with Surfaces
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