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where VT is the threshold voltage. The parameter 6 is the linearized slope of the bulk charge with respect to the bulk-to-source bias. 107 For convenience, 6 is chosen to be a constant, having typical values ranging from 0.2 to 0.3. VDsat, the saturation voltage, is equal to (V~s - VT)/(l +-,). [Previously, in Eq. 10.9, when velocity saturation was considered for the short-channel transistors with negligible bulk effects (6 = 0), VDsat, was given in a different form.] When the drain-to-source bias (Vns) exceeds VDsat, the device operates in saturation; otherwise, the device is in the linear operation region. The y parameters of Eq. 10.35 are those of the intrinsic transistor. An actual device consists of series parasitic resistances at the terminals, as shown in Figure 10.31. To establish the RF properties of the overall transistor, we incorporate the effects of these parasitics by first converting the intrinsic y parameters to z 10 9 parameters. The conversion is performed with some well-established formula. Next, the series resistances are appended to the [z] matrix. The final [z'] matrix for the overall transistor is given as
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The obvious advantage of the 3D placement sketch is that it can put a set of holes on any set of solid faces, regardless of whether they are non-parallel or even non-planar. This function offers multiple holes, multiple faces, and multiple directions. In situations where that is what you need, then nothing else will do. A limitation of the 3D sketch is that if you have never used 3D sketches, they can be fairly cumbersome. Also, several relation types that are familiar in 2D sketches are not available in 3D sketches. Dimensions work very differently in 3D sketches compared to 2D sketches. For example, to create and place a hole in a specific position on a cylinder, you need to follow these steps:
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(x (x~y, z) (x', z', = (x,y,z)
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The commands most frequently used for backups include ufsdump, ufsrestore, and tar (these commands are discussed later in this chapter; other commands that can
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By this point in the book, your Web site is dressed to kill. But, while the visible part of your Web site is ready, you ll want to be sure and perform one final behind-thescenes makeover to ensure that your Web site is optimally designed to attract as many visitors as possible. When a search engine visits your site, it collects various pieces of data from your Web pages, reviews them to determine what search entries are relevant to your site, and decides your overall ranking compared to other sites for those terms. Each search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, Alta Vista, and others indexes and ranks Web sites in a unique way to provide the most relevant results for its users. Follow these steps to optimize your Web pages for search engines Many factors that determine your ranking are beyond your control (for instance, sites that link to you), but several factors are related to the content of your site, including The title of your page. Meta description and keyword tags in your document head. Use of ALT tags for your images. Keywords appearing within the content of your page. Presence of keywords in your filenames.
FIGURE 23.10 Broken witness lines
Groups resources into domain configurable units (DCU). DCUs define what resources are used in a domain. (i.e. Expander, slot 0,and slot 1 boards) Each domain will run its own independent copy of Solaris. Runs the diagnostic programs on the server and specific domains as needed. It will automatically reboot and, if needed, reconfigure a domain if there is a serious hardware failure. Monitors and controls the power to the various components within the server. It also can warn you of a problem with power within the server. Facilitates the dynamic reconfiguration procedure to allow you to dynamically attach and remove resources in a domain. This capability can be automated using scripts. Interacts with the I2C environmental monitoring sensors and reports the current temperatures, voltages, and amperages of the boards and ASICs in the server. It also can warn you of a problem with any component being monitored within the server. Provides administrative commands to allow domains to be booted and tested manually. Provides a higher level of security because it uses the authentication of Solaris to control what accounts have privileges to do specific SMS tasks. There are a number of special groups that are created by SMS that have specific privileges to run certain SMS commands. Keeps log files that cover the interaction between the domains and the SC. Log files are also kept covering what the users did in the CLI (this works like netcon on the Starfire).
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The SQL update command is powerful. I have replaced terribly complex record sets and nested loops that were painfully slow and error-prone with update statements and creative joins that worked well, and I have seen execution times reduced from minutes to a few seconds. I cannot overemphasize the importance of approaching the selection and updating of data in terms of data sets, rather than data rows.
Managing tags
Part I
This switches the active function of this program from Fax to Scan. You can tell which mode your PC is in by looking at the navigation pane located in the column at the left. If your PC is ready to fax, the Fax icon shows up. If you are ready to begin scanning, the Scan icon is present.
The Recycle Bin, as we noted in The Unofficial Guide to Windows XP, is where old files go to die. Most people use it without thinking a whole lot about it, but you can do a number of small things to make it work more efficiently for you! The Recycle Bin is a little different in Windows Vista, which just proves that even the folks in Redmond were thinking about improving it! Indeed, it even takes advantage of the Aero theme with its transparent background. If you right-click it and click Properties, the Recycle Bin Properties window appears (see Figure 6.20). It displays your account and your Public folder, indicating how much space is currently available (in the past, it displayed hard drives). You can set a maximum size, which is 4617MB by default but be careful! This means the largest file size allowed in the Recycle Bin and not the capacity of the Recycle Bin. You can also option to remove files when you delete them and not go to the Recycle Bin.
Change Control and Workplace Management
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