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When you are done, click the X at the right end of the FeatureManager filter to clear the result. Pressing Esc does the same thing.
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FUSC , which exists only for the downlink, foresees only a single segment that contains all subcarrier groups. Each subchannel consists of 48 subcarriers that are distributed over the total available system bandwidth. The mapping of the subchannels to the subcarriers depends on the cell ID, and on a parameter called PermutationBase that the BS can set. The mapping furthermore changes with each OFDM symbol. FUSC provides a very high degree of diversity. (i) During the transmission of one OFDM symbol, frequency diversity as well as interference diversity are provided by the fact that the data are mapped onto subcarriers that are distributed over the whole bandwidth. Although this gives not quite the same diversity as transmitting on all possible subcarriers, it still results in a quite high diversity gain. Furthermore, the transmission on a sparse set of subcarriers means that each user creates less worst case adjacent-cell interference (of course, the total amount of interference is identical to that created by an OFDM/Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) system, but the interference in a worst case, i.e., during the time that a user close to the cell edge is transmitted to, is lower). (ii) Since the mapping changes from OFDM symbol to the next, an additional degree of interference diversity is provided. However, simulations have shown that the system starts to lose throughput if the load per cell is more than 1/3. This indicates that the ef ciency is comparable to PUSC. Let us now go into some more details. Consider rst the assignment of the pilots (Figure 28.16): there are two sets of constant pilots and two sets of variable pilots; in the FUSC, all those pilots are used (the subdivision of the pilot into two sets is related to their use in the space time coding mode; see below). The indices of the subcarriers belonging to the different sets are speci ed in Section of the standard. The equation for the assignment of the variable pilots is given as PilotsLocation = VariableSet#x + 6 (F U SC_SymbolNumbermod2) (28.7)
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Logistic regression is a special case of the neural network algorithm whereby no hidden layer of neurons is built. While logistic regression can be used for many tasks, it is specially suited for estimation problems where linear regression would be a good fit, but because the predicted value is discrete, the linear approach tends to predict values outside the allowed range for example, predicting probabilities over 100 percent for a certain combination of inputs. Because it is derived from the neural network algorithm, logistic regression shares the same viewer.
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Only predefined logins can be used as the owner. If you do not find the login you want to use, exit the job definition by clicking the Cancel button and create a login for the account you want to use. To do this, expand the Security item a few items below the Management item in Management Studio, right-click on Logins, and then select New Login.
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From this search box, you can search for the names of people who have sent you e-mail ( John, Paul, or whatever), subject text, or e-mail body text. And the search results get whittled down as you type, helping you find exactly what you need.
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<Query> <Method Namespace= http://ws.cdyne.com/ Name= GetQuote /> <SoapAction>http://ws.cdyne.com/GetQuote</SoapAction> </Query>
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Figure 17.3-2. Call-related transaction with caller interaction. Q, Query package; C, conversation package; R, response package.
Photos automatically shared via Windows Live SkyDrive are uploaded to a folder called Windows Phone Photos. You can find this folder online by navigating to photos .live.com, then All Albums. Note that this folder is different from the location where manually shared photos are located: those photos are in Mobile photos. Why are photos shared in different ways uploaded to different places on SkyDrive Only Microsoft knows for sure.
Part VI
Group Policy and the Active Directory
Frame Relay Protocol: Frame Structure
The Ubuntu system often sends email messages to the root user account to notify you of system errors or potential errors. Unfortunately, Ubuntu doesn t use the root user account as a normal login account. Instead, Ubuntu provides the admin group to specify normal user accounts that have administrative privileges (see 17, Users and Groups ). To account for this problem, the wizard allows you to redirect any email messages destined for the root user or the special postmaster mail accounts to a normal user account on the system, see Figure 23-10.
The StreamReader class implements a TextReader that reads data from a byte stream in a specific encoding. Whereas the Stream class is for byte I/O, the StreamReader is designed for character input in a particular encoding. The default encoding for the StreamReader class is UTF-8, not the default ANSI code page for the operating system that it is running. The reason for this is that UTF-8 can handle Unicode characters in a consistent manner based on the localized settings of the operating system.
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