Evaluating Network Management Systems in .NET

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Part III
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This probability is independent of user k, and is also independent of the number of users K. The scheme, also called round-robin, is the best we can do if the TX (BS) does not know anything about the channel. Obviously, it treats users fairly in the sense that each user gets the same amount of time to communicate. However, we can do better if the BS knows the CSI for the downlink of all users. At any given point in time, chances are that there is a very good link to some users, while there are bad links to other users. The optimum strategy for the BS is now to communicate always with the user who has the best link i.e., the highest instantaneous path gain and thus the highest instantaneous SNR . As the channel changes, different users k become instantaneously best. The cumulative distribution function for the active user i.e., the instantaneously best user is the same as for selection diversity (see Eq. 13.10). Multiple users thus act like diversity branches however, we do not need any additional antennas to realize that diversity. This scheme is thus called multiuser diversity; it is optimum in the sense that capacity is maximized. In a cellular system, users that are very close to the BS have a much better SNR than users that are far away. In that case, the danger of selecting the user with the best SNR is that the MS closest to the BS gets to use the channel most often, while MSs that are far away are almost never instantaneously best, and thus are chosen much less frequently. As a consequence, the data rate for users at the cell boundary is much lower than for users near the BS. This problem can be solved by proportionally fair scheduling. The BS communicates not with the absolutely best user but rather with the user whose ratio of instantaneous to average SNR / is the highest. In such a case, each user is assigned the same amount of time if the normalized fading statistics of the different users are identical e.g., all users are Rayleigh fading. A key requirement for scheduling is that the BS has knowledge of the instantaneous downlink channel. As we have discussed in Section 20.1.6, in an FDD system this requires that the MSs feed back their instantaneous SNRs to the BS. The rate of this feedback depends on the coherence time of the channel. Furthermore, it also involves a system design tradeoff. If feedback is done too rarely, then the BS picks a suboptimum user. If feedback is done too often, then the overhead for this feedback becomes prohibitive. It is also noteworthy that all MSs have to feed back their SNRs, even though only one will ultimately be picked for communication.10 All the above considerations were for the downlink; however, the scheme works for the uplink as well. In this case, the BS determines the quality of the uplink channel, and then broadcasts which MS is allowed to transmit. Delay Considerations and Random Beamforming Another key problem of multiuser diversity is the inherent delay. If the BS always uses proportionally fair scheduling, it retains communication with the chosen user for approximately one coherence time of the channel. If user mobility is low, the coherence time can be quite large. Remember that
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When comparing specs for a new server or upgrading the processor(s), look at either a hyperthreaded processor or a multi-core processor, as the performance gains outweigh single-processor packages for the same SQL Server licensing cost. Give preference to a multicore processor, as each core has its own execution resources, in contrast to a hyperthreaded processor, which shares the execution resources.
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n Display shaded planes: When planes are displayed, they appear translucent typically green from one side and red from the other. Colors are controlled in Document Properties Plane Display. This setting may slow down some graphics cards. n Enable selection through transparency: Transparent parts in an assembly are invisible to the cursor if there is a shaded part under the cursor. If there is nothing under the cursor except for the transparent part, then it can be selected. You can override this setting by holding the Shift key while selecting the part. n Display reference triad: This refers to the reference triad in the lower left area of the screen. See Figure B.28.
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NFS logging requires very little setup. If you are satisfied with the default configuration, all you need to do is select which shared file systems you want to log, specify the
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This chapter discussed the domain name system (DNS) and explained how it relates to your network. Each server connected to the Internet has a unique hostname and a unique IP address. The DNS database system matches the hostnames and IP addresses. The database is distributed among many different servers on the Internet so that no one server has to maintain the list of all computers. You can find a remote computer s IP address by its hostname by sending a DNS query to a DNS server. That server has the capability of walking the DNS tree to find the database record that relates the hostname to the IP address, or vice versa. Many domains use their domain name as a generic email address. The Ubuntu server distribution provides the BIND package to help you run a DNS server for your network. You can run your DNS server as either a local cache that stores DNS requests to help speed up future requests, or as a full-blown zone DNS server that manages the hostnames on your network for other networks to use. In the next chapter we ll take a look at the web server features the Ubuntu server distribution has to offer. The Ubuntu server distribution can pre-install the two most popular web server platforms on the Internet, making it a snap to get your web applications up and running!
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You ll probably have to call your local phone company to get a quote on an ISDN line.
Figure 2.8 An example of the relationship between conversion gain and noise gure in a passive mixer.
formal control of form, fit and functionality. Each CI should have an identified manager and may have CI-unique design reviews, qualification certification, acceptance reviews, and operator and maintenance manuals. See lowest configuration item (LCI). consent-to meeting A meeting, with all parties directly involved in a decision, held to critically examine readiness to proceed. Not all consent-to meetings are decision gates, but all decision gates are consent-to meetings. Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO) Nonproprietary software cost and schedule estimating model originally developed by Barry Boehm (Software Engineering Economics, 1981). Produces an estimate of the number of man months required to develop common software products at three levels of complexity: basic, intermediate, and detailed. Critical Chain Method Eli Goldratt s theory of constraints (TOC) based planning approach that moves most individual task contingencies to the end of the critical path and applies resource availability as a driving factor in schedule achievement and critical path determination. The process surfaces resource constraints that must be addressed to achieve schedule. Critical Design Review (CDR) The series of decision gates held to approve the build-to and code-to documentation, associated draft verification procedures, and readiness and capability of fabricators and coders to carry out the implementation. All hardware, software, support equipment, and tooling should be reviewed in ascending order of unit to system. More appropriately called Production Guarantee Review since proof is required that the fabrication and coding called for can actually be carried out and that it will yield results that meet the design-to specifications. The evidence provided is typically samples of the critical processes to demonstrate credibility and repeatability. decision gate A preplanned management event in the project cycle to demonstrate accomplishments, approve and baseline results, and approve the approach for continuing the project. (Also known as a control gate.)
mentioned previously, and you can change individual note leaders in the PropertyManager that becomes available when you select a note. These settings can also become part of a custom drafting standard. Figure 22.3 shows the preview that is displayed by the cursor when you place a note over a face, over an edge, and over blank space on the drawing.
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All PDCs should be upgraded first.
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