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1 Open the CSS stylesheet that contains the HTML page s formatting instructions.
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When modeling, I tend to dimension symmetrically, but only on one side, which would not be shown on a manufacturing or inspection drawing. I frequently use workarounds to avoid some special problem that forces a different model dimensioning scheme than I would prefer to use. Often, a feature is located from the midpoint of an edge, which involves no dimensions whatsoever. Sketch entities may have Equal relations, which also leave sketch elements undimensioned. Dimensions may lead to faces or edges that are not in the final model or to faces that are later changed by scale, draft, or fillets. Beyond that, when draft is involved, as is the case with plastic or cast parts, the dimensions of the sketch that you used to create the feature often have little to do with the geometry that is dimensioned on a print for inspection or mold building. Dimension schemes in models reflect the need for the model to react to change, while dimension schemes in drawings reflect the manufacturing or inspection methods, in order to minimize tolerance stackup, and to reflect the usage of the actual part. Although there are strictly technical reasons for dimensioning drawings independently from the way the model was dimensioned, there are other factors such as time, and the neat and orderly placement of dimensions. Time is an issue because by the time you finish rearranging dimensions that were inserted automatically from the model checking and eliminating duplicates and then manually adding dimensions that were left out or that had to be eliminated because they were inappropriate for some reason, as well as ensuring that all the necessary dimensions are on the drawing it would have been much quicker to manually dimension the drawing correctly the first time using reference dimensions. In most cases, inserting model dimensions into the drawing is impractical for manufacturing or inspection drawings unless you have simple plates with machined holes. This is because of the amount of time required to rearrange and check the dimensions, the need to ensure that you have placed the necessary dimensions and taken geometric tolerancing into account, and the simple fact that the dimensioning and sketch relations needed for efficient modeling are usually very different from the dimensioning needed for manufacturing or inspection. I recommend that you use the manual dimension placement option, which works much in the same way as when dimensions are added to sketches. Dimensions that you place in the drawing in this way are called driven, or reference, dimensions. In drafting lingo, reference dimensions are extra dimensions that you place to ease calculations, and you usually create these dimensions with parentheses around them; in SolidWorks lingo, reference dimensions are simply driven rather than driving dimensions. To find the setting that controls the parentheses around reference dimensions, choose Tools Options Document Properties Dimensions Add Parentheses By Default.
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We are now in a position to discuss the use of the secondary scintillation to measure the number of primary electrons and so to measure the energy of X-ray photons or other ionizing radiation. To do so we need to fully absorb the incident radiation in a region of the Xe gas where the reduced electric eld intensity is below the 1 V cm 1 Torr 1 threshold for scintillation (Figure 4.2.14) and then drift all the n primary electrons to another region (the scintillation region) where they produce large amounts of secondary scintillation, but no (or little) ionization. There, the eld intensity should be close to or below, the 5 or 6 V cm 1 Torr 1 threshold for ionization. The secondary scintillation will
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3. Choose Security.
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This implies that the Angular Power Spectrum (APS) at the BS is independent of delay, as is the APS at the MS. Furthermore, the APS at the MS is independent of the direction in which the BS transmits, and vice versa. Such a factorization greatly simpli es theoretical computations, and also the parameterization of channel models. However, it does not always correspond to physical reality. A more general model assumes that the DDDPS consists of several clusters, each of which has a separable DDDPS: DDDPS( , , ) =
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Getting Started with Windows Vista Ultimate
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A menu bar at the top A toolbar A location bar A left pane The View pane A status bar at the bottom
The Menu Bar applet creates a duplicate of the default GNOME top-level menus (Applications, Places, and System). When the Menu Bar applet appears on the panel, you can customize the menu items using the menu editor.
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Navigating the SolidWorks Interface
It can be shown that the belief propagation algorithm always converges to the maximum likelihood solution if the Tanner graph can be rolled up into a tree structure i.e., each node is a parent or a child of another node, but not both at the same time. In other words, there should be no cycles in the Tanner graph. Short cycles, like the one shown in Figure 14.23, lead to problems with convergence: if nodes start out with a wrong belief, they tend to reinforce it among themselves, instead of being convinced by evidence from other variable nodes that they need to change their self-assessment. The construction of codes without shot cycles is one of the most important, and most challenging, tasks in the design of LDPC codes. Note, however, that codes that lead to a pure tree structure are usually not good codes, even though they can be decoded exactly by the belief propagation algorithm.
Change Control, Group Policy, and Workspace Management
FIGURE 2.6 The Save As dialog box
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