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The .NET Framework is the plumbing of .NET. The framework provides the services necessary to develop and deploy applications for the loosely coupled, disconnected Internet environment. Figure 1-2 shows the key components of the framework.
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Wireless Communications
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Critical angle density
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Source: Rec. Q.773. Courtesy of ITU-T.
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10. Click OK again.
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SQL Mail
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DirectX 10
Security and Active Directory
Most NICs shipped to date have been in the form of PCMCIA cards, and this form factor will continue to dominate for the next three or four years. The mini PCI form factor is gaining traction and is expected to dominate in 2003. However, companies in the market of developing wireless LAN PDAs and converged cellphones are looking at other form factors and interfaces, such as Secure Digital Input/Output (SDIO) and Compact Flash (CF), for reasons of compactness. The SDIO form factor is the latest entrant into the 802.11 markets. In late 2002, SyChip (a fabless semiconductor manufacturer) launched its WLAN6060EB and WLAN6060SD end-to-end, plug-and-play Wi-Fi solutions for embedded and SDIO-based applications, respectively. SyChip is also in the business of providing reference designs for a secure digital (SD) input/output NIC for OEM vendors that supports Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), 1-bit, and 4-bit SD transfer modes. Sychip's modules start with Intersil's Prism 3 chip set and add the company's own software, packaging, and power-control expertise to realize what SyChip calls a complete solution. The WLAN6060EB module, measuring 25 x 23 x 3 mm, is designed to be embedded within mobile handsets, PDAs, and ultrathin notebook computers. It requires only an antenna to complete the signal chain from the media-access control outward. The design will also support PC Card and CF+ interfaces. The standby current is less than 70 milliamps (mA) and the transmitting current consumption is 287 mA. The wireless LAN 6060SD module has similar specifications but comes with a Secure Digital I/O interface and finished SDIO form factor. The wireless LAN 6060SD is gaining traction as several equipment vendors have announced 802.lib wireless LAN SDIO cards based on its design. In early 2003, manufacturers announced product launches based on the 6060SD including SanDisk and Socket Communications. SanDisk and Socket released their CF Wi-Fi cards at almost the exact same time in 2002. In 2003, both companies announced they will release SD Wi-Fi cards based on SyChip's WLAN6060SD design, for SDIO equipped handhelds. The key difference
The register directive associates aliases with namespaces and class names for notation in custom controls. One example of using the register directive is to register your User controls onto your ASP.NET page. This directive supports a number of different attributes, as described in Table 33-4. Table 33-4: Register Directive Attributes Attribute tagprefix Description The alias to relate with the namespace. The alias to relate to the class name. The namespace to relate with tagprefix . The location of the User control. The assembly of the namespace you are associating with the tagprefix is located.
In the AMC permutation (also known as adjacent subcarrier permutation), nine contiguous physical subcarriers (for the duration of one OFDM symbol) are grouped together in
coM + N. - pREF
In Figure 10.2, the circle with RL = S11 or S22 = 10 dB is plotted with a bold line and its radius is approximately one-third of the radius of the largest circle. From now on, let s take expression (10.10) as an approximate demarcation criterion. This implies that
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