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While we are on the topic of interrelationships, we must not forget how uncertain numbers may be related to themselves over time. The Red Word for this is AUTOCORRELATION. As an example, if a stock price goes up today, it has almost no bearing on whether it will go up or down tomorrow. On the other hand, historically, if interest rates get very high over some time period, they are more likely to go down in the future, whereas, if they are very low, they are more likely to go up. There are also uncertainties that change dynamically over time, for which using a single number is even more misleading. Take housing prices, for example. What would happen if prices fell in some location to the point that a few homeowners now owed more to the bank than their houses were worth They would either walk away or be foreclosed on. How would future housing prices relate to this Well, the banks who now owned the houses would try to unload them quickly in an already depressed market, and the increased supply of houses would further drive down prices. Uh-oh. These new lower prices would force even more homeowners underwater on their mortgages, and guess what There would now be even more abandoned houses to drive the prices even lower. There is an obvious mechanism from your basic economics class that can get us into such a death spiral, so there is no way it can be described
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Notice that the transaction has not yet been committed. 4. The query-optimization plan is either generated or pulled from memory. Any required locks are applied and the data modifications, including index updates, page splits, and any other required system operation, are performed in memory. The following section continues our chronological walk through the process.
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Table 2-6: Conforming to the Second Normal Form
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The onclick event is a call to a Rails method: remote_function. It generates a chunk of JavaScript that will handle the event; all you have to do is pass in the URL parameters, just as you would with any other hyperlink method. The controller holds no surprises; in /app/ controllers/clients_controller.rb, add the following:
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inserted in my laptop computer goes off-hook, gets an internal dial tone from the hotel PBX, and dials the telephone number of the local ISP in partnership with my ISP back home. [Note: Conventional modems can be external or internal. They also can take the form of a PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) card, which ts into a slot on a laptop computer. Also note that the PCMCIA card generally is abbreviated as PC card.] The dialed number is preceded by a dial access code of 9 or 0, depending on the PBX convention in that particular country. As instructed by the dial access code, the PBX sets up an outside line, draws the dial tone from the local CO and dials the number of the ISP. The ISP s modem answers, and the two modems pass a set of control signals back and forth in a process known as handshaking, to negotiate the basis on which the communication will be conducted. Speci cally, each modem identi es itself and its capabilities to the other through a set of data organized into a frame. The modems pass the frames simultaneously, in full-duplex mode, with one using a relatively high range of frequencies and the other a relatively low range. Each modem knows exactly the format of the data bits and elds within the frame, as each is based on standards in the form of ITU-T Recommendations. The data are passed at the rate of 2400 baud, which is the maximum expected available baud rate, internationally, over an analog network. Referring back to 1, baud rate is de ned as the number of signal events, or signal transitions, per second and bit rate is de ned as the rate of information transfer. Also referring back to 1, the baud rate cannot exceed the bandwidth of the channel, which in this case is nominally 3000 Hz. So, the rate theoretically could be as high as 3000 baud, but that would be extremely optimistic and would leave no margin for error. So, 2400 baud has been established as a reasonable level of maximum expectation for a voice-grade local loop anywhere in the world. Assuming that everything is just right in the network (i.e., the analog local loops are in good condition and there are no issues of interference at the moment), the modems then start to pass data at 2400 baud over the analog local loops by modulating the sine waves. Note that modem networks are balanced and symmetrical. In other words and as illustrated in Figure 6.1, there must be two modems, either standalone or in
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A table anchor locks a corner of the table to a selected point on the format. If no point is selected in the format, then the table is placed at a corner of the sheet. To specify a point in the format to act as the anchor, you must be editing the format (RMB click the sheet and select Edit Sheet Format). Then right-click a sketch endpoint in the format, select Set As Anchor, and specify which type of table the anchor is for. You can set different anchor locations for different types of tables. Figure 24.3 shows the selection and menus for this option.
Choosing a format
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