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(b) Central frequency is moved to higher frequency with wider bandwidth as the control voltage is increased P
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Here s the procedure for replacing a ZIF socket CPU: 1. Disconnect the keyboard, mouse, display, power, and any other connectors. 2. Open the PC cover. (If you re not comfortable with this operation, please see 1.)
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X11 Forwarding with SSH Under normal circumstances, you cannot run a windowing session (such as CDE provides) from a remote location. Firewalls are almost always configured to block access to the ports normally used by X Window System connections. So, you won t reach an X application at work from your home office. In addition, X does not use any form of encryption. If run over the Internet, these connections would not, therefore, be secure. There is a method, however, given the secure shell, that allows you to tunnel these connections through your secure connection. What does this mean It means that the windowing connections that would normally rely on TCP connections of their own are, instead, transmitted through the existing SSH connection. This both permits the windowing interface to be used and makes it secure. Figure 13.1 illustrates this process. To use this technique, your client must, of course, have an SSH package installed. Tools such as SSH Secure Shell Client from (this is only free for noncommercial use), SecureCRT, OpenSSH, DataFellows F-Secure Client, and PuTTy provide this capability. Some of these, like OpenSSH and PuTTY, are free. You also, of course, need an X server on your local system. The most well known is Exceed. One of the authors has recently started using WinaXe from, an extremely well-designed X server that costs under $100. Any X server should allow you to easily forward X traffic. The option setting in a F-Secure Client window is shown in Figure 13.2.
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The Image Viewer supports quite a handful of image file types, listed in Table 10-1.
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The subscript r1 indicates that the denoted parameter is on the circle with r = 1 on the Smith chart. The real part of the impedance Zr1 must be equal to Zo because Zr1 is on the circle with r = 1, that is Rr 1 =
In every environment, there is a multitude of items that should be monitored on a continuing basis. For the base operating system, such things as disk space, swap space, CPU usage, and warning/error messages that are written into the /var/adm/ messages file are a few that come to mind as needing to be checked periodically. For applications such as DNS, directory services, and Web services, you may have to ensure that these services are operating around the clock. The build or buy decision is not as mutually exclusive as it might appear. Almost anyone desiring a home-brew network management system today will start with shareware. The emergence of Sun Management Center (formerly SyMON) as a free tool with platform-specific add-ons (not free) presents a third solution that may be hard to resist, especially if portions of this technology are already working their way into the core operating system.
Use the Crop tool to select the portion of the image you wish to keep. You can click and drag any side to adjust the dimensions of the cropped area.
Figure 13.2 Scatterers concentrated around the mobile station.
Complex shapes across multiple parts Tool bodies/Boolean operations Local operations Patterning
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