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You can also specify how much time passes before your screen saver is activated. To do so, open the Screen Saver Settings dialog box and enter in the Wait box the number of minutes you want to elapse before the screen saver begins. Click OK when you are done. Selecting the On Resume, Display Welcome Screen check box sets it up so that you have to log back in to the computer to gain access. This can be useful if you work in a semipublic environment where you sometimes leave your computer unattended and you d prefer that no wandering stranger gain access to your files.
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The most important characteristic of a static method is that an instance of the class is not required. Most methods require you to instantiate the class before you can have access to the method you want and then that method only acts on the class that calls it. A static method not only allows you to call it without an instance of the object, but it often modifies a different class or creates a new object altogether. Table 26-5 lists and describes these methods. Table 26-5: Public Static Methods of the Control Method Name FromChildHandle Description Retrieves the control that contains the specified handle. Essentially, this is a more robust version of the FromHandl e method because it can accommoda te controls that own more than one handle. Retrieves the control that is currently associated with the specified handle. There is no guarantee that this method returns the correct control if it owns multiple handles. Determines if the character is
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The cell fabricated at the IEC is also included in Fig. 6.31 and Table 6.5. This cell was fabricated from a 0.7- m-thick lm deposited using a 0.04 M solution and S-annealed at 450 C for 6 h and 40 min. The completed cell was then annealed under air at 150 C for about 24 h. This cell s window layer, a 70-nm-thick i-ZnO (intrinsic ZnO) layer, had a transmittance of over 90% at a photon energy of 1.5 eV. The sheet resistance of the double top contact layer (2- m Al/50-nm Ni) was about 1.8 m /sq. Both cells had nearly the same ef ciency ( 1%), but the IEC cell had a higher shunt resistance, which improved the ll factor (see Table 6.5). The use of the intrinsic ZnO and the Ni/Al top contact improved the quality of the IEC cells by lowering the series resistance and improving the ll factor, as previously reported in the literature.18 It should be also noted that most solar cells prepared with the AACVD method in the literature had a superstrate structure.6 There has been no report of a working device with a typical chalcopyrite solar cell structure (top contact/ window layer/CdS/CuInS2/Mo/substrate) except for the authors previous results.48
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What It Does Displays the IE Print Preview window. Displays the Page Setup window for the default printer. Opens a new IE window. Opens the IE Save Webpage window, which offers to save the currently loaded Web page to your PC. Copies the currently loaded page to a new e-mail message in the default e-mail application so that you can mail it to someone. Copies the address (URL) of the currently loaded page to a new e-mail message in the default e-mail application so that you can mail it to someone. Displays the source code for the currently loaded Web page in a separate window. Shows the privacy report for the currently loaded Web page, displaying the address of each site that also displays content on the page (typically advertisement suppliers). Displays the IE 8 Delete Browsing History window. Displays the IE 8 Internet Options window.
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Although in-context functions are powerful and seductive, you should use them sparingly. In particular, be careful about file management issues such as renaming parts and assemblies. The best approach is to use SolidWorks Explorer or the Save As command with both the parts and assemblies open. Other external references include inserted parts, split parts, and mirror parts. These types of external references are often used in discussions on master models, which I address in a later chapter.
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Once the project is created, the template for the type to be coded can be added to the project by right-clicking the project name in the Solution Explorer and selecting the Add option or by selecting the project menu option in the main Visual Studio menu. The Solution Explorer context menu is shown in Figure 27-2. Using the Solution Explorer project context menu is convenient because it provides a single location for the most common Visual Studio activities while creating a CLR type. From this context menu, the Properties dialog for the project can be selected to display the Project Designer dialog. Use Project Designer to specify a strong name, set the CAS permission level for the assembly, and set the compile and deployment options for the project. Whenever an assembly can be used by multiple applications, Microsoft recommends giving that assembly a strong name. A strong name creates a globally unique identity for an assembly or manifest consisting of the textual name, a version number, optional culture information, the public part of a private/public key pair, and a digital signature. Because there is no practical way to prevent multiple applications from using the database and generally it is undesirable to do so, all CLR integration components should be strongly named. The public/private key pair used for signing is created using the command-line Strong Name Tool sn.exe. The key pair generated by the Strong Name Tool is stored in a .snk text file if it is in a cryptographic service provider (CSP) container. The public-private key-pair file or CSP container can be generated, and signing the assembly can be completed at compile time using the information entered in the Project Designers Signing and Publish tabs. Careful consideration must be given to the signing strategy for the enterprise. In almost all cases a key shared by all components of an application will be desirable. The shop may choose to closely guard the private key and exclusively use delayed assembly signing. In this scenario, the assembly is signed by one of a few trusted persons to ensure that only the desired assemblies are loaded to the production SQL Server. There are options to Build, Clean, Rebuild, and Deploy from the Solution Explorer context menu. These compiling options are also found under Visual Studio s main menu Build option: Build: This will recompile to IL only those project files and components that have changed since the last build. Clean: This will remove all compiled IL and output files from the project. Rebuild: This will clean the project and compile all files. Deploy: This will build, not rebuild, the project and load the assembly and all types in the assembly into the database specified as the data source for the project. Run profiler on that data source SQL Server during deploy to see the CREATE ASSEMBLY and CREATE <object> generated by Visual Studio. The deployment option is a powerful development tool that will generate the DROP and CREATE the assembly and the DROP and CREATE type statements on the development SQL Server. It is doubtful that this will provide a useful method to place CLR objects in the production environment in an enterprise setting. To deploy to production environments as solution, create the IL .dlls using the Create menu option and stage the file at a network location. Assemblies can then be loaded into the database using scripted CREATE ASSEMBLY statements.
Several types of online documentation are available to help SolidWorks learners along their path. A great place to start is the SolidWorks Resources tab of the Task pane, on the right side of the screen. This is the first tab in the list, and displays the Home icon. The Getting Started section of the SolidWorks Resources tab is shown in Figure 3.8.
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