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SolidWorks users use their computers harder than other office workers. For example, SolidWorks puts more stress on your computer than Excel, and COSMOSXpress puts more stress on a computer than Photoshop. This can mean that SolidWorks users need to be more computer savvy than other office workers. Engineers are more likely to exceed the limits of their computer than almost anyone else, and so they need to be able to handle any problems that arise. I have found that companies that are large enough to have dedicated IT personnel, have varied experiences. In some cases, the IT department realizes that they are a support group that helps other people to do their jobs, which helps to bring in money for the company to pay everyone s salaries. In other companies, the world revolves around the IT department, and it is more about control than enabling others. It has always been my policy when consulting and playing intermediary between IT and engineering to get IT to concede a little control or at least to develop an engineering department liaison who has enough access to the necessary people, places, and things to prevent engineering from losing work time due to IT system issues.
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The input resistance of the cascode ampli er Ri is the input resistance of the rst CE stage Ri1. Obviously, from Figure 1.29(b), it can be seen that Ri = Ri 1 = r 1. (1.104)
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FIGURE 23.8 Ordinate and baseline dimensions in the same view
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Sketch plane configuration Suppressed sketch relations Suppressed dimensions (suppressed dimensions become driven dimensions)
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FIGURE B.59 DimXpert Display options
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5.3 The Time-Variant Two-Path Model
Composer Preferences
Navigating the SolidWorks Interface
Check out the Powering-Off Options section later in this chapter to learn more about your computer s Sleep mode.
If there are keywords on the list that you would like to add to your existing list, place a checkmark next to the box beside the keyword in the column on the left. It will be transferred to the column on the right. When you re finished, you can copy and import the desired keywords into your keyword list. One feature of the keyword research tool provided by adCenter is the metrics that are provided with each keyword. Each keyword in the list generated by the research tool has two numbers next to it. The first is the number of searches for that word or phrase during the previous month. The second is the number of searches that have been done using those keywords in the current month. These numbers help you to see quickly how popular your selected keywords are.
Working with Sketches
Adding hotkeys
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