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As a disk is used over time, the data on the disk is scattered into noncontiguous clusters, becoming fragmented. Disk performance is greatest when data is not fragmented, as it takes less time to read the data (because the drive heads don t have to move as much to reassemble the data). The Disk Defragmenter node in Computer Management enables you to analyze a disk for fragmentation and then defragment the disk.
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23.1 Introduction
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EXEC sp_configure Nested Triggers , 1 Reconfigure
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Information Kiosk
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Part I: SolidWorks Basics
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Choose whether you want the background to be white, another color, or transparent. For the book example, I chose white.
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11.5.1 Information Request and Information Messages In ISUP end-to-end signaling, the exchange at one end of the connection requests information, or an action, with an Information Request (INR) message. The exchange at the other end responds with an Information (INF) message. The INR messages include a mandatory Par.16 (information request indicators) whose bits represent individual information items and actions. The bits indicate that the corresponding information or action is being requested (1), or not requested (0). For example, the terminating local exchange can request the originating local exchange to hold the connection until the terminating exchange sends a DISC message.
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Some Properties of the HilbertTransform
Fig. 8.5
Source Port: Sixteen bits that de ne the TCP port number used by the source application program. As discussed earlier in this chapter, TCP ports are logical points of connection. Well-known ports are numbered 0 1023 for the use of system (root) processes or by programs executed by privileged users. Examples of well-known ports include 25 for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), 80 for HTTP (HyperText Transport Protocol), 107 for Remote TELNET Service, and 110 for POP3 (Post Of ce Protocol version 3).
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Pharmaceutical Effectiveness
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