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For example, the following code adds Joe as a SQL Server user and sets his default database to the OBX Kite Store sample database:
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Change Control and Workplace Management
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Figure 14-21: It s empty by default, but savvy Zune users will soon fill up Playlists
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Figure 14.22. The Quota tab of the selected volume in Computer.
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24.5.4 Summary of Burst Structures
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The parameters for this record are:
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As with an action, hooking the display_copyright_feed() function to the the_content hook causes it to be fired every time the_content is fired in the Loop, the mechanism used by WordPress to generate and iterate over posts. Because this is a filter, the content_attribution() function expects the post content to be passed to it and it return modified content back into the Loop.
Use the nbtstat command to display statistics for NetBIOS-over-TCP/IP (NetBT) connections. You also can use nbtstat to purge the name cache and reload the Hosts le, which offers the bene t of reloading the LMHOSTS le without rebooting. The following is the syntax for nbtstat:
Sharing and Securing Files and Folders
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