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deployment on system performance. Figure 11.7 shows an outdoor grid installation in a street in a typical downtown or industrial area. Here we need specialized technicians and coordination with the city and with utility companies for the installation of APs on the tops of lampposts. Extensive wiring would also be needed to connect the APs to a backbone network. Physical installation using a coverage optimization technique will look very similar to a grid installation. Before we compare the performance of the three approaches for the large-scale installation of WLANs, we show the differences among issues related to the deployment of WLANs and cellular telephone networks. WLANs operate in unlicensensed bands, whereas cellular telephone networks use licensed bands. As we showed in Section 11.3, network capacity in FDMA and TDMA depends on the frequency-reuse factor of the deployment, which is determined by calculation of interference from neighboring cells. For CDMA networks we also had a parameter in the calculation of capacity that was related to interference from neighboring cells, which again relates capacity to interference. All these calculations are based on the assumption that the band is licensed to one operator, which technically means that the network planner had control over interference. WLANs operate in unlicensed bands in which a network planner does not have control over interference. Network managers on a university or corporate campus often restrict students or employees from use of WLANs other than those installed by the university or corporation, to control interference, which does not comply with government regulations on using these bands. For optimal deployment, cellular networks use relatively accurate statistical coverage prediction models such as the Akumura Hata model discussed in 4. Statistical channel models for coverage in indoor areas are much less accurate, which poses a challenge in the analysis of coverage of WLANs unless we resort to labor-intensive empirical
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Part IV Enterprise Data Management
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Blank lines with or without comments are allowed anywhere in the file. The first two examples control the formatting and function of returned RRs, while the last two represent the format of an actual RR. Therefore, a generic RR takes the following form:
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For a web page to be dynamic, the PHP code must create HTML code for the client to interpret. The example in the previous section used the PHP echo command to send text to the client web browser. The web browser interprets the text as if it were part of the normal HTML code page. Let s do an exercise to see how this works. Follow these steps to create a dynamic web page: 1. Create a text document in the /var/www folder called phptest.php. You can use either the standard gedit program or the vim editor from the command prompt, but you must have administrative privileges to create the file. You can do that by running the command:
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Comparing the flyout FeatureManager with the detachable PropertyManager
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A camcorder with a tape containing the content you want to digitize An audio cable with two RCA-style plugs on either end (you typically have to
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QLSB/WLCox, and the corresponding input signal has an amplitude that probably exceeds practical power supply voltages. Because of this, additional current paths are required in a comparator. Basically, offset compensation enables reductions in component variations. 31,42 ,45,46 In practice this technique does not cancel the mismatch in the final decision element (the latch), but it reduces the random offset in the preamplifiers. In other words, energy must be supplied during mismatch cancellation. Another point is the additional random mismatch that is introduced into the signal capacitors by the switches The ratio of the switch gate-capacitance and the signal-storage capacitors is limited because of the fast settling requirement, which limits the mismatch reduction capabilities. Real improvement may come from better intrinsic components, for example, by means of trimming of sensitive stages or new silicon active elements. In our analysis we found that the basic problem of getting accuracy at high speeds was located in the comparators. This implies that N comparators for an N-bit digital word is the minimum configuration for low-power A/D converters. Most designs employ 10 times more comparators. In :he architecture the number of contributing transistors must be minimized. Potentially this can be realized by multiplexing and pipelining. Another approach is to avoid the problems that parallel circuits introduce by going to single comparator oversampling. Then the tradeoff with digital filtering becomes important again.
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Figure 8.5 A news story on the MSNBC website includes an advertisement within the body of an article.
BOM Type
Besides these four guided methods you can create the hard disk partitions manually. Once you have set up your hard disk environment, you can select which server programs the installer should install for you.
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It is a neat fact that any set of corresponding points can be joined to form a dissection of the large square into the two smaller ones. Figure Fig. 8.27
Figure 4.5.11 Schematic structure of the edge-on silicon strip detector
Polarization As described in 2, an RF wave consists of an electric eld and a magnetic eld, which are at right angles to each other. Polarization describes the direction of the electric eld relative to the surface of the earth. The electric eld can be at any angle relative to the surface of the earth, depending on the alignment of the antenna. Typically the antenna is aligned so that the electric eld is either vertical or horizontal to the earth s surface. By using two antennas, one with vertical polarization and one with horizontal polarization, at both transmitter and receiver locations, a given bandwidth of frequencies can be transmitted twice with different data modulation being carried on each polarization. This dual polarization doubles the data transmission capability of a licensed frequency band. This approach is used by all microwave relay and satellite communication systems. Unfortunately, this use of polarization diversity to increase data capacity only works with line of site transmission. If the transmission uses re ections from objects in the propagation path, a vertically polarized or a horizontally polarized wave is changed into both polarizations at every re ection, so this approach for increasing bandwidth cannot be used in a cell phone or a wireless LAN system.
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