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Keep in mind that this feature is not like the projected sketch. A projected sketch is not foreshortened on the curved surface, but is projected normal from the sketch plane. A sketch that is oneinch long will measure one-inch along the curvature of the surface and will measure less than one inch linearly from end to end. The scribed part in the previous figure was created on a conical surface body. The surface was then thickened as a separate body and patterned.
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To add fillets and chamfers to your part, follow these steps:
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In addition, T-SQL stored procedures include the following enhanced maintenance features: Rebuild: This command essentially drops and redefines the full-text catalog but does not repopulate the new full-text index. Rebuilding should be followed with a full population. The benefit of rebuilding the catalog is that it automatically reconfigures the table and columns, ensuring that the internal structure of the full-text catalog is clean.
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Media Center s Music experience is accessed via the Music item in the Start page. From here, you can access the Music library (that is, the songs and albums you ve purchased online or ripped from CD to your hard drive); Radio, which enables you to access FM radio stations; and other features. Here s what s available from this interface.
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Viewing Your Images on a Television Connecting to a regular television Connecting to an HDTV Viewing the images on a television Using the camera to display images Using the Remote Commander to display images Connecting to a Computer Using the USB cable Using a card reader Connecting to a Printer Print menu 1 Print menu 2
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Auto Relief
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Figure 16-24: From Screen Resolution, you can access configuration information about your display devices, screen resolution, and color depth.
Band Group 5
Wireless MAC Wireless MAC Wireless Broadcast RF Transceiver < RF Transceiver (2.4 or 5 SHz)
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