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Speech-Enabled Services In a telepresence framework, users will access a much wider range of services than in conventional telephony. Given the shrinking size of mobile terminals, service access bene ts a lot from spoken language dialog with the machine offering the service. This can range from simple name dialling by voice (possibly activated by a spoken magic word) to Text To Speech (TTS) synthesis for email reading or Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR) where feature vectors for speech recognition are extracted on the mobile terminal, encoded with suf cient accuracy for pattern recognition (but not necessarily for signal regeneration at the central server end), and transmitted as data over the wireless link. This allows us to transmit recognition features based on higher quality signals than those used in telephony and it also allows us to use speci c source- and channel-coding mechanisms that maximize bene ts for the remote speech recognition server (rather than a human listener). While DSR carries speech information over a data channel, the dual application of Cellular Text Telephony (CTT) allows the carriage of textual data over the speech channel so as to provide augmentative communication means for people with hearing or speaking impairments who still can exchange interactive text (not just short messages) in a chat-like style using a modem operating over the digital speech channel. Personalization For personalized services, talker authentication will be a must which should be distinguished from authentication of the mobile station or the infrastructure itself. The identity of a talker can be established via voice identi cation or veri cation techniques and, if needed, an additional personalized watermark might be inserted in the speech signal prior to encoding it. For talker privacy the traditional phone booth might once be replaced by a virtual talker sphere outside of which active speech cancellation (using wearable loudspeaker arrays) would make the phone conversation hardly audible to bystanders. Three-Dimensional Audio The virtual talker sphere has already introduced the concept of advanced audioprocessing for speech telephony which has seen a tremendous boost from the use of microphone and loudspeaker arrays and virtual/augmented audio techniques that allow the spatial rendering (e.g., ambisonic) of threedimensional sound elds, potentially converted to binaural headphone listening. The best effects are expected if personalized HRTFs can be used together with real-time tracking of head movements to place virtual sound sources in the context of the real environment, creating the immersive telepresence which blends the presence of virtual participants and local participants for successful teleconferencing. Ultimately, this will require a signi cant shift beyond today s speech-coding standards to allow for high-quality, multichannel audio including metadata information. A rst move in this direction has been made by standardization of the AMR wideband speech codec which has become the rst speech-coding standard ever to be accepted almost simultaneously for wireline communication (ITU), wireless communication (European Telecommunications Standards Institute/Third Generation Partnership Project (ETSI/3GPP)), and Internet telephony (Internet Engineering Task Force, (IETF)).
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The server-level configuration options control serverwide settings, such as how SQL Server interacts with hardware, how it multithreads within Windows, and whether triggers are permitted to fire other triggers. When configuring the server, keep in mind the goals of configuration consistency and performance.
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19: Using Smart Components
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positive voltage is applied to B/LI to cause the programming current to flow through the transistor at the intersection of W/Ll and B/Li. The voltage applied to the drain of the selected transistor is also applied to the drains of all of the transistors connected to the same bit line. This voltage may cause punchthrough of an unselected transistor. The current flowing through a punched-through transistor will generate hot electrons that will tend to program the device. A transistor with a shorter channel, whether as a result of a processing defect or as a result of normal process variation, is more susceptible to punchthrough. This effect is enhanced in floating-gate transistors because the voltage applied to the drain of such a transistor couples the floating gate to a more positive voltage, which increases the likelihood of punchthrough. Although the discussion here was in terms of an EPROM, any array that relies on hot-electron injection from the channel is probably susceptible to this disturb condition. In particular, the T-flash cell, the FETIF flash cell, and the TPVG flash cell are all potentially susceptible. Like many high-voltage disturbs, this type can be screened for by applying a voltage in excess of that allowed in operation during production testing. The other disturb mechanisms involve Fowler-Nordheim tunneling, which, as has been discussed, has an exponential field dependence. Cases A and D in Figure 8.40 involve electrons tunneling into states in the interpoly dielectric and then hopping to the opposing electrode. This phenomenon can be enhanced by positive curvature of sections of the emitting surface that increase the field at the emitting surface or by defects in the dielectric, which can lower the effective potential barrier. In either case, the disturbs are related to spot defects for any well-designed interpoly
Using Multi-Argument Hooks
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