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Channel Coding/ Tail Bit Attachment
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Part VI Optimization Strategies
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6 Select the HTML code and choose Edit Copy from the browser menu.
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Part II Manipulating Data with Select
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The semantics of OIL relies on a translation into the SHIQ(D) description logic. SHIQ(D) has a highly expressive concept language that is able to fully capture the OIL core language, and a satis ability preserving translation can be de ned that maps OIL ontologies into SHIQ(D) terminologies. This has the added bene t that an existing SHIQ reasoner implemented in the FaCT system can be used to reason with OIL ontologies. The full details of this mapping have been given in Horrocks et al. (2000), and are not repeated here.
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Because Toolbox is not a library, and is not passive the way a library is, there is a component of it that is active. To make an analogy, no one asks how a staircase works, because it does not work, it simply exists, and people use it. An escalator, however, is a different issue. With an escalator, there is a complex installation, and then to use it, you have to know how to get on and get off, and what to do if it stops working. The end results of using the staircase and using the escalator are the same (you start at the bottom and arrive at the top), but the complex automation is supposed to save you some effort. That is one way you can look at Toolbox. The end product is supposed to be the same as using a static library of parts, but there is some mechanism behind the scenes that has to be set up and maintained properly in order for it to work in the way you expect. Most SolidWorks books, tutorials, or training materials are going to ask you to accept what happens inside Toolbox as a black box and to just assume that the end results are exactly what you need and intend. Here, I supply you with information about how it works, so you can decide how useful it will be for you.
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FigurE 13-15: The small call overlay lets you switch between two different (but unconnected) phone calls.
n(V, t)
When shooting with the ash, you can adjust the amount of light the ash outputs without changing the exposure reading of the scene. Adjusting the ash compensation is easy to do with the Quick Navigation screen and the multi-selector. Pressing the Function button opens the Quick Navigation screen, and the multi-selector accesses the ash compensation screen. The ash output can be adjusted three stops in either direction.
12. Make one of the dimension leaders for either the .188 or the R.100 dimensions cross the extension lines of the 4.500 dimension. Then select the 4.500 dimension and in its PropertyManager, select the Use Document Gap option in the Break Lines panel. 13. Place a B datum marker on the circumference of the smaller arc on the left end of the part. Create a Geometric Tolerance control frame, as shown in Figure 23.17.
Task pane
Integrating Windows Vista with the Xbox 360
Accessibility (the ease of access to computing resources, speci cally to people with handicaps) Access to software/applications Access to data Not only are more factors or opportunities for change control in this top layer, but it also is the most vulnerable of the layers. Although certain parts of the operating system and the lower layers provide a barrier to entry because of their complexity, change control should not be any more lax or less important. The more obscure the service is, regardless of the layer on which it resides, the higher the risk of a skilled attacker doing undetectable and lasting damage. The biggest threat to the stability or health of IT/IS systems, however, comes from users. Most of the time, the problem is just a case of curiosity killed his computer (remember Dave ), but users also generate security threats, introduce viruses, download hostile applications (most of the time unwittingly), and so on.
This section describes the individual components that can be configured within a Data Flow task, including the sources of data for the flow, transforms that change that data, and destinations that receive the transformed data. See the Data Flow section earlier in this chapter for general information about configuring a Data Flow task.
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energy for electrons of the SDD of Figure 4.1.19, including all eld strips and the central electron collecting anode. The equipotential of the homogeneously doped radiation entrance window can be seen on the back, the eld strips (rings) with their decreasing (negative) potential on the front side. There is no eld free region in the device and all electrons in the sensitive area are guided within less than 150 ns towards the readout node. However the time spread of the charge cloud is only in the order of 5 ns. Overlapping charge clouds limit the single photon counting capability to about 106 X-rays per detector element. The cylindrical SDD has outstanding properties: at moderate temperatures of about 10 C (achievable by Peltier cooling), the devices have already good spectroscopic properties,32 comparable to state of the art Si(Li) detectors, but with count rate capabilities up to 106 counts per second (cps) to be compared to the order of 104 cps with a 70 ns shaping of the classical Si(Li) detector concept, without the need of liquid nitrogen cooling (Figure 4.1.22). The energy resolution at two different shaping times and temperatures are shown in Figure 4.1.23. If the incident photons are correctly collimated within the sensitive area, the P/V ratio, i.e. the 55 Fe peak count rate divided by the average number of counts around 1 keV, can be as large as 7000:1. The P/V ratio determines the sensitivity limit for weak X-ray intensities, as it describes the extraction of an X-ray line from the detector background. Very recently a 10 mm2 large SDD based on the same layout was fabricated and tested. At 10 C it has shown a similar energy resolution as the above described 5 mm2 large SDD. This is an important step towards the use of SDDs in applications where larger areas must be covered.
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