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The Customize link brings you to the Customize network settings screen. Windows Vista introduces the concept of a network category, which includes two or three different types: Public, Private, and Domain (see Figure 9.3).
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# umount /var # metadetach d21 d22 d21: submirror d22 is detached # metaclear -r d21 d21: Mirror is cleared d22: Concat/Stripe is cleared vi /etc/vfstab <-- Put back the native partition name for the unmirrored partition. # mount /var
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BitLocker is a whole-disk encryption scheme that automatically encrypts data while it is entered into the computer and then decrypts it while the data is read out. The data on the drive is unreadable at all times, but what appears on the monitor or printer is normal in the clear. When the machine is shut down, all data remains encoded on the idle drive. If the BitLocker-protected computer and/or drive is lost or stolen, the data on it cannot be accessed by anyone lacking the decryption keys. Of course, the hardware itself continues to have value regardless of the information it contains, so BitLocker is no barrier to plain old-fashioned theft. As many incidents have shown, data is far more valuable than hardware and its loss or theft, and transfer to the wrong hands can be catastrophic. The next section shows you how to install and use BitLocker to ensure that your PC s files remain confidential.
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Starting with Windows XP, Microsoft began to push PC-based user accounts to consumers. That s because XP, unlike previous consumer-oriented Windows versions (such as Windows 95, 98, and Me), was based on the enterprise-class Windows NT code base. NT originally was developed in the early 1990s as a mission-critical competitor to business operating systems such as UNIX. Previously, consumer Windows products such as Windows 95 and Windows Me were based on legacy MS-DOS code and provided only the barest possible support for discrete and secure user accounts. That s because those systems were originally designed for single users only. Eventually, however, Microsoft began moving the two products together. Windows XP, released in 2001, was the first mainstream NT-based Windows version, and this product marked the end of the DOS-based Windows line. Windows Vista, like Windows XP, was based on the NT code base, which means that Microsoft marketed separate versions of Vista to both individuals and businesses. Additionally, Vista retained and even enhanced the paradigm of all users having their own user account for accessing the PC. As an updated version of Windows Vista, Windows 7 offers an evolution of the user account capabilities from its predecessor. That said, some of the changes dramatically alter the experience of using and protecting user accounts. Therefore, it s worth discussing how user accounts have changed in Windows 7 compared to both Windows XP and Vista. First, however, a short review may be in order. When you installed or configured Windows XP for the first time, you were prompted to provide a password for the special administrator account and then create one or more user accounts. Administrator is what s called a built-in account type. The administrator account is traditionally reserved for system housekeeping tasks and it has full control of the system. Theoretically, individual user accounts that is, accounts used by actual people are supposed to have less control over the system for security reasons. In Windows XP, that theory was literally a theory. Every user account you created during XP s post-setup routine was an administrator-level account, and virtually
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Let m be the median of Z and show that E(x) = 1 10 m/10 (d) Using the results of parts (b) and (c), show that the following relationship exists between the median of the received signal above the noise background and the simultaneous number of users: M = (1 10 m/10 ) W/R e( )2 /2+
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Do not select db_denydatareader or db_denydatawriter. These options, if selected, deny members read and write permissions to the database.
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The plugin update nag bubble can be hidden with jQuery
EXEC sp_dropmessage 50001;
The gain of the transform, which is a typical measure of transform performance relative to Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), is de ned as GT =
"* Maximum or minimum:
the sequence 3-9-5-4-1 will fit in exactly, and the remainder 1 will appear under 3 10 In other words, 3 10 leaves remainder 1 when divided by 11.
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When to Extend the Schema
The Prawn library is a handy tool for creating PDFs. Adobe s Portable Document Format is an open standard for creating and sharing read-only documents. Using this library, you re going to generate a document that you can send to your client. It will include an image of your company logo, a few lines of text, and a couple tables of information (your invoice line items and the totals). To begin, you need to add support for Prawn to your Invoice object file, just as you did for FasterCSV (new code is in bold):
-f -i ttl -v tos -r count -s count -j HostList
Assume that the polysilicon gate is doped to a doping density of 1 X 1020 cm-. What is the gate capacitance at a bias3 of 1.2 V for a gate oxide of 2.5 nm and a substrate doping of 1 X 1018 cm Calculate the shift in threshold voltage for a silicon channel of 3 nm using a simple particle-in-a-box assumption. Calculate the uncertainty of threshold voltage for a 10% variation of the thickness of the silicon channel for a double-gate MOSFET with a 1.5 nm thickness. Use a simple particle-i n-a-box assumption. Calculate the threshold voltage fluctuation due to discrete random dopants for a properly scaled MOSFET in the year 2003 assuming "uniform doping" and compare this with the NTRS-allowed threshold voltage tolerance.
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