Table 5.4 (Continued) COMMAND ludesc lufslist lumount DESCRIPTION Add a description to a boot environment s name. List the critical file system for each boot environment. Enable mounting of all file systems in a boot environment (so that you can modify files while that environment is still inactive). Rename a boot environment. List the status of all boot environments. Enable unmounting of all file systems in a boot environment. Upgrade an operating environment or install a flash archive on an inactive boot environment.
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Table 5.4
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Part III Developing with SQL Server
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11.3.2 Quadrature-Phase Shift Keying
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Once the packages are installed you may or may not see them in the Ubuntu menu system, depending on what type of packages they are. Some packages require opening a Terminal session and starting them from the command line. You can manually create a menu entry for these packages (see 4, Exploring the Desktop ).
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Installing and Patching Your Solaris System
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You can control the direction of the jog by using the arrow button to the left of the end condition selection box. You can control the jog distance by selecting the end conditions, Up To Surface, Up To Vertex, or Offset From Surface. The default setting is Blind, in which you simply enter a distance for the offset, in exactly the same way that end conditions are controlled for features such as extrudes.
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Input impedance matching network
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[ 1121T. Kasami, Combinational Mathematics and its Applications. University of North
Discovered computers: These are computers on the local network that offer folder
Never: Never display the contents in the icon.
Windows Sidebar
FIGURE 7.11 Comparison of error rates for four binary modulation techniques.
Branch Mode
5C: Brianchon's theorem (the dual of Pascal's) The lines PS, QT and RU concur.
Multiplication Circular and Convolution. Fourier transform (IDFT) of
vmstat Headings DESCRIPTION Processes in run queue Processes blocked for resources Processes that are runnable but swapped out Amount of available swap space Size of the free list in kilobytes Page reclaims from the free list Minor faults (address space and hardware translation faults) Kilobytes paged out Kilobytes paged in Kilobytes freed Anticipated short-term memory shortfall (kilobytes) Pages scanned by the clock algorithm Disk I/O operations per second for 1-4 disks Interrupts System calls Context switched User time System time Idle time
- I] exp (-9)
Note the check box option Always do this for software and games. Check it if you want AutoPlay to run the file associated with AutoPlay on any media you place in the optical drive. Then, click the option under Install or run program. The Prey AutoPlay launches, displaying the screen shown in Figure 22.2.
Each process is actually represented by a directory that holds a number of files and other directories corresponding to different portions and attributes of the process. Note the various structures associated with a single process in the following example. The owner and group reflect those of the person running the process. Read the man page on /proc for additional information.
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